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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Double your Drugs? wonders Corte Madera Chiropractor Dr Harte

Like some people watch sports on TV, I watch the drug ads, looking for the latest frightening trends of the latest fads in Medicine. Oh, I also check out the lawyer ads, looking for clients damaged or killed (in this case, their loved ones) from a particular drug or procedure. Hey, this is the only justice we get. The FDA? As they say in my native New York, FUGETTABOUTIT!!!

It seems a new, very frightening trend is, rather than replace a drug patients are taking with another, they are pushing the idea of adding another for the same symptom or condition. "If Scungilexa is not working as well as you expected, add Toxecia to your regimen. I have seen this for two conditions/circumstances.

For quite some time, the drug pushers (I forgot which one) has had ads out, "If your anti-depressants aren;t quite enough, add Abilify." What they don't tell you is Abilify is NOT and anti-depressant; it is anti-psychotic. As if anti-depressants aren't bad enough, anti-psychotics are considerably more dangerous. Some of their side effects are permanent, including tardive dyskinesia. (Google that one yourself. Frightening!)

The last few days, I have been seeing ads for Intuniv, a drug they say to throw at your ADHD child, who may not be totally perfect on his legal speed (Ritalin, Adderall, etc.) This one works on the frontal lobe. Charming, huh? Oh, and your child may faint.

Can't people see that this means that Big Pharma's much vaunted drugs just don't work? Why ad more junk that won't work, with more side effects?

Is this science, or is it fads? It can't be both. Think on that!

"Ew-ew-ew, but what else can I do? The Doctor said I need (my child needs) these medications." Really? Are you having mental troubles because of a lack of Lexapro or Ambilify? Is your child ADHD because of a deficiency of Ritalin and Intuniv?

Get to the cause. Free your brain and your nervous system, so that your brain and your body can function as it should. get checked. Get adjusted. And tell the people you care about.

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

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