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Monday, April 26, 2021

A Year of Medical Mental and Physical Damage... and TYRANNY!


A Year of Medical Mental and Physical Damage… and Tyranny!

1984-eyeWho would have thought that Big Brother would have come in a white coat? It’s been an entire year of Covid-19 sickness and oppression! Most figure that the oppression is no big deal, and don’t even consider this oppression, because the sickness is such a big deal, because “we’re saving lives.”

But what if the level of sickness from Covid-19 was deliberately manipulated upwards, in order to justify wide-spread, year-long oppression? What if this oppression is causing more sickness than the actual virus?

It’s been a year since they locked us down, and told us that it would be only two to three weeks to “flatten the curve,” so as not to overwhelm the hospitals. With very few exceptions, hospitals never came close to being overwhelmed. So, the “goalposts” were moved… and moved … and moved … and moved. But you still BELIEVE? Then there’s the blessed, alleged scientific advice of St. Anthony (Fauci), who declared NO MASKS (3/09/20), then, one mask, and now two, in the face of declining numbers and the “miraculous” vaccines. But you still BELIEVE?

]What have we been told, incessantly? “Science is real.” “Follow the science.” “We’re all in this together.” We’ve been told that we have to win the “war” against the virus. I hate to be over-political or over-philosophical when discussing health matters, but real science has little to do with this. The alleged science defies epidemiology, the study of how epidemics spread. It defies basic biology, having us totally ignore the fact that we have immune systems, the state of which is more important than any modes of transmission, certainly in the case of this virus. AND this alleged science, used as a weapon by power-hungry politicians and public health organizations and officials, and grotesquely greedy pharmaceutical corporations, along with the compliant media, has played fast and loose with statistics. We should think on what Mark Twain said on the subject: “Facts are stubborn, but statistics are more pliable.”

In the end, I’m sure that more people will succumb to the medical/political oppression than from the virus, itself. How can I say this? Let’s think about all the people with heart attacks and other medical emergencies who, especially in the beginning of this, died at home because they were petrified of going to the hospital. Let’s think about skyrocketing levels of domestic abuse, violent criminal behavior, drug overdoses and suicides. We will be left with a sicker, nastier authoritarian society.

Shocked by the “number of deaths,” now over half a million? First off, this number is grossly exaggerated. Given the thousands of stories of people dying from other causes, but having tested positive for Covid-19, I wonder if the real number is closer to 100,000 or 150,000, on par with a bad flu year. (Funny how the flu just disappeared.) The most commonly used test, the PCR test has been conducted, by direction from WHO, in a manner to purposely produce a lot of false-positives… cases where people are not infected, but they appear to be. The test, itself, is deemed “experimental” for these purposes by the FDA. The inventor of the test, Dr. Kary Willis, declares that this test is NOT a diagnostic test. So… how do they know you have it?

corona-snow white-witch

The vaccine, too, is “experimental.” It is approved for “emergency use.” It is not even a vaccine; it is gene therapy, a totally novel, unproven approach. Real science is supposed to be based upon truth and transparency. The vaccine makers have suppressed news of the side effects, which they cunning refer to as “immune responses… your immune system is working.” They claim 75, 90 and 90% effectiveness. Really? Truth: The vaccines do not prevent Covid-19. They do not prevent transmission. Moderna and Pfizer have refused to release their raw data. And 75, 90, 95% effective in exactly what way? All they are claiming that, if you get it, your case will only be mild or moderate. Well, that’s what happens almost all the time. So, on that basis, maybe they should claim 99%. And what happened to their promise that we could go back to normal when the vaccine comes out?

We know by now that this Covid-19 madness has vastly increased poverty throughout the

world, which increases human misery and causes deaths in and of itself. Drive or walk down any commercial street. How many empty stores and restaurants? How many people with small businesses have had their dreams crushed and their financial well-being shattered? How many employees have lost everything?

The REAL scientific study is in real life. The REAL science is in. Sixteen states, now, have no mask mandate. Some have never locked down, and some, only minimally. Are they any sicker? Any more deaths? No. The experts have been proven wrong. It’s as simple as that!

How about some real science, based upon real history, from the last real pandemic? In the 1918 flu pandemic, 25 to 40 million people died, worldwide. Data from Iowa showed that of people under medical care with that killer flu, one out of 15 died. Under chiropractic care, one out of 886. Who ya gonna call?

Where is the scientific evidence that proves that lockdowns, 6 foot social distancing and/or masks do anything significant to limit infection? This is fake science. This fake science is used by politicians, with dictatorial inclinations, to justify CONTROL. “They” are not out to keep us safe. “They” are out to control us, to destroy our liberty, our jobs, while they are destroying small businesses and making big businesses, like Amazon, Costco and Home Depot, richer.

You have an immune system, so do everything that you can to pursue Health… good food, good attitude, proper rest, and make sure that your nervous system is free of interference through regular wellness chiropractic care. You are not a defenseless victim, though Big Medicine and Big Pharma would like you to think so.

Dr. Don Harte
Marin Straight Chiropractor

Corte Madera, California

Friday, June 16, 2017


The story of how “They” killed my father-in-law.

Joe was a fun guy. Enjoyed his vino and his cigars. Then, Kaiser got a hold of him. They replaced his vino and cigars with multiple drugs, including blood thinners.

In a short time, he became zoned one, hobbling, stumbling around. One night he sat down for dinner. Boom! Face down in the pasta. By the time they got him to the hospital, he was brain-dead. I have the image of the MRI of his brain seared into my memory. Over a third of the area for his brain was taken up by a pool of blood. Bleeding stroke.

There are two kinds of strokes. The clotting stroke, for which they prescribe blood thinners. Then, when the blood becomes excessively "thinned," you begin to bleed when and where you shouldn't. When you see older people with all the bruises on their arms, that is likely what's going on. You can be sure that if you're bleeding where you can see it, the skin, you are bleeding inside, where you can't... the stomach, the kidneys, the brain. Anemia? Perhaps. Slow bleed in the brain? Dementia? Perhaps.

Or, a vessel could just burst, suddenly in the brain. Gone in minutes!
You think you need to have your blood "thinned," to allegedly prevent heart attack and stroke? Well, these drugs can CAUSE heart attack and stroke. These drugs can kill. THEY KILLED MY FATHER-IN-LAW. 

The "thinness" and "thickness" of your blood involves complex metabolism. M.D's stupidly think that they understand this, and that they can properly control this. As a straight chiropractor, I understand that your own Innate Intelligence knows more about this than all of the doctors of the world put together. My mission is to make sure that there is no interference, so that your blood can do its own thing, safely and properly.

Tell others this story.

Dr Harte
Emancipator of Innate
Marin County Straight Chiropractor

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sunday is Father's Day. My thoughts go to my father, Fred Harte, who was killed, a long time ago, by medical indifference and stupidity.

He was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 4o, and put on Tolbutamide. (His doctor who was also his personal friend, this medical moron, when my father was first diagnosed with diabetes, told him, "Don't worry, Fred. Diabetes is the HEALTHY MAN'S DISEASE." The next year, he had his first heart attack. 

12 years later, I was in medical school in France. Meanwhile, back in Yonkers, New York...
My father was an extreme workaholic. He hadn't stayed home, even a day, for sickness since that heart attack 12 years before. But he stayed home. He called his doctor: "Don't worry, Fred. It's just the flu." 

The next day:  "Don't worry, Fred. It's just the flu." The next day:  "Don't worry, Fred. It's just the flu." The next day:  "Don't worry, Fred. It's just the flu." The forth night, my mother called the doctor. She told him that my father's nails and lips were blue, and he felt like a steamroller was going over his chest. he didn't tell her that this was a heart attack. He didn't call an ambulance. He told my mother, who didn't even drive, to get him to the hospital. She had to just about drag him down the stairs, put him in a cab, and got him to the emergency room. (This was the hospital I was born in.)

NOTE: I have a great deal of respect for Emergency Medicine. They save a lot of lives. But in my father's obvious case of a heart attack, they just gave him a shot of Demerol, put him on a gurney, and shoved him aside, where he died a couple of hours later. He was only 53.
The SOB M.D. lied on the death certificate, claiming he was at the house the night before. When he showed up at the funeral, it took half a dozen men to hold me down.

This is the OTHER reason why I quit med school to become a chiropractor.
This is one more story, one more reason, to tell everyone you know, INCLUDING those with diabetes and those with heart disease (very often the same people), that they should get checked for interference to their heart, their pancreas, and everything else, and then adjusted! If they don't...

Next time, how They killed my father-in-law...

The Innate in me blesses the Innate in you
Dr Harte
Slayer of Subluxation

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Money, Medicine and Chiropractic

My home state, New York, people speak plainer, more directly, than here in California. We have a saying, "Money talks. Nobody walks."

What does this mean? It means that money. what people pay, and are willing to pay, for things and services get to the heart of the matter. Maybe this sort of discussion is not particularly polite, but it is honest... and accurate.

The "Health Care" debate rages. Nonsense on two levels. First, Medicine is NOT health care. It deals with disease and injury, not health. (Contrary to popular belief, health is NOT merely the absence of disease. It is "A state of optimal physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity," according to Dorland's Medical Dictionary.)

Secondly, the only honest business, in my opinion, is shoulder-to-shoulder trade. Introduce a third party, like insurance companies, Medicare, Medical, etc., fees skyrocket because it's "nobody's money." Corruption abounds. Check out the image of the hospital bill, below, for just a snake bite. And the trend, now, is to consider "health care" a right, which means no one pays, which means anyone and everyone who works and pays taxes gets taxed to death. And the stinking level of "health care" gets even worse.

I stopped "taking insurance" over two decades ago. People pay me, gladly, because they know that no one will work harder for them, with more passion, with true, classioc chiropractic care, than I will. Many of my wellness practice members have been with me for 10, 20, 30 years. I tell them the truth, and I deliver the truth.

The chiropractors who are still "taking insurance?" They have such little self-esteem, such little esteem in Chiropractic, and such little understanding of what Chiropractic truly is, that they cannot conceive of someone actuslly paying them, with their own money. Almost always, this leads to scams. It always leads to low quality care.

People say "There's nothing more important than your health." OK. Do you have enough sense to ac tually believe this, and to act upon this? If so, come here. Get your nervous system liberated, so that you, too, can achieve Health, from Above-down, Inside-out.

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The ChOLESTEROL MYTH...vs. Real Health Care

Yes, the whole deal with cholesterol is myth. But it is myth with a purpose. It's purpose is to sell millions of dollars of statins, the drugs that reduce cholesterol.

Statins are part of the alleged heart disease preventative regimen prescribed for just about everyone over 50 these days. The rest are drugs to reduce blood pressure (usually excessively) and, often, drugs to "thin the blood." All this to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Does it work? No. But almost everyone continues, because "The Doctor says."


Cholesterol is NOT a poison. In fact, it is made by the body, in the liver. It is integral to your hormones, to cellular metabolism, and, most importantly, to proper function of the nervous system. Side effects of statins include muscle damage, diabetes, cataracts, and serious damage (sometimes fatal) to the liver and kidneys. I believe that these statin drugs (LIPITOR, MEVACHOL, CRESTOR, ZOCOR, etc.) are part of the reason for the epidemic of Alzheimer's and other dementias.


Want a healthy heart and good circulation? The circulatory system does not run on its own. It is controlled and coordinated by your brain and nervous system. If there is interference to this control and coordination (VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION COMPLEX... VSC), then your heart and the rest of the circulatory system, and the rest of your metabolism that helps it do its job, will not function properly, a state of "dis-ease." After a time, comes actual disease, sometimes serious, sometimes fatal.

So, want a healthy heart? Get checked for VSC. Get adjusted.

That means that you need to tell everyone you know who is on statins, blood pressure meds, blood thinners, etc., and especially those who have had or are threatened with heart surgery, from stents to open heart.

dr-don-harteDr. Don Harte
Marin Straight Chiropractor

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Soda, Meds and California-Mania

The current efforts to legislate warning labels on soda by the State of California, San Francisco, and other localities are weird and wrong.

abie-tongueThe science is correct. Yes, soda is one of the worst foods that are commonly available, and not just because of the extreme amounts of sugar. Yes, the sugar in soda can facilitate obesity, diabetes and heart disease, The phosphoric acid in soda is a danger to bone and dental health, and kidney function. OK, soda is bad. But diet soda is a far greater health hazard. Like excess sugar, diet soda consumption can lead to obesity and diabetes. It is also linked to mood disorders, increased seizure risk, hearing and visual problems, and, possibly, increased cancer risk. The governments of the state of California and the cities of San Francisco and Berkeley believe that soda poses a danger to the health of the public. No argument there. They are correct. But there are two other issues to be considered.

Government tyranny over individual choice

Does government have the right to tell people how to live, how to be healthy? I think not. Thomas Jefferson said “When the government tell people what foods to eat and what medicines to take, their bodies will in as sad a shape as the souls of those who live under tyranny.” Indeed, this action against soda manufacturers, sellers and consumers, while well-meaning and scientifically correct, is tyrannical. Speaking of tyranny and health matters, the State of California seems to have no problems creating and enforcing laws that restrict liberty in regards to health matters. The government feels its fine to attack soda, sugar, etc., but, at the same time, it forces parents to get their own children vaccinated, against their will and personal judgment. Talk about danger to health? It is indisputable fact that vaccines contain neuro- and immunotoxins, and that the very process of vaccination short-circuits normal immune processes.

Governmental overstep in vaccination mandates

Whether you can accept the link between the extreme number of forced childhood vaccinations with the epidemic (amongst children) of autism, Type I diabetes, learning disabilities, Crohn’s Disease, etc., it is nonsensical to deny and dismiss the possibility. How can anyone trust the power and the alleged scientific expertise and judgment of a government who cannot even maintain the roads? Some of the potholes are so big that auto accidents can and do occur. This is a health hazard! Your government can’t handle the simplest of their obligations properly. Yet, you think they can comprehend the complexities of health and disease, and then force you to their conclusions? This is wrong!
Dr. Harte has been serving Marin and the San Francisco Bay Area with classic Chiropractic since 1981.
Don Harte, D.C.
Liberator of Innate
Corte Madera, CA

Sunday, September 20, 2015


The other day, I was going over the very large list of drugs that a potential (now NEW) Practice Member was taking. The last item was TUMS. I asked if she had heartburn/GERD. acid reflux. I got an astounding answer. “No,” she said. She was told to take TUMS as a calcium supplement.

Just this morning, I was talking to an older woman, who was complaining about all the bruise spots on her arms and hands. I let her know that it was the “baby aspirin” she was taking, which is a blood thinner, just like Coumadin and Plavix. I let her know that if she can see bleeding in her skin, she is certainly bleeding inside, where she can’t see. Her response was that she has to take it, because The Doctor told her, and “You have to trust someone.” Really? How about you trust someone who has not only a bunch of facts, but someone who has the wisdom to understand and appreciate the wisdom of the body, your INNATE INTELLIGENCE.
To get to the point, Medicine has no idea how the body works, nor how it thrives. Much of what you are told is downright stupid. Yes… STUPID. To cause people to take a drug that causes bleeding, with an inherent risk of sudden death? STUPID. To give someone TUMS, a DRUG, as a calcium supplement??? The now new Practice Member was shocked when I told her that TUMS is full of aluminum, which, over time, can contribute to Alzheimer’s. (Aluminum is one of the very nasty things in vaccines.) So the MD gives someone a very poor, unnatural calcium source, with a neurotoxin? STUPID.
dr-don-harteThere are good, natural, healthy calcium supplements out there. Also, what, for sure, the M.D. does not and cannot comprehend, is that you are NOT WHAT YOU EAT. You are WHAT YOUR BODY DOES WITH WHAT YOU EAT. So, if you have subluxation… bad nerve supply… poor communication… to your parathyroid glands (which are located in and around your thyroid, which control calcium metabolism), your body may not utilize properly whatever calcium you are taking. So, better get adjusted. Some weight-bearing exercise wouldn’t hurt, either.
WHO’S the expert? Not your M.D. Not me, either. Your Innate Intelligence is the expert. But I know that. They don’t.
I’d bet that just about everyone you know is on one to 20 drugs, every day. This is SICK CARE, making them sicker. Each and every one of them need to get checked for VSC (Vertebral Subluxation Complex.) How about telling them this… TODAY? (Realize that this is not just for those bent over in pain.)
Dr. Harte
Emancipator of Subluxation
Marin/Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor

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