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Friday, July 29, 2011

Marin Chiropractor Talks The Limits of Exercise

Exercise, attaining and maintaining a good level of fitness, is part of health. It is one of the four Do-It-Yourself parts of health, along with eating well, getting good rest (including good posture), and good mental attitude. Then, there's the non-do-it-yourself, come-to-me part of health... the detection and correction of Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC), Chiropractic.

Note that I said that exercise is PART of health, NOT the whole thing. Many people in Marin would disagree, not out of knowledge, but out of fanaticism. You feel healthy, you feel terrific getting up at 7 on a Saturday morning to go 18 miles on your bike, or 5 Pilates sessions a week, or 3 classes at the gym every day, or doing 3 marathons a year? Fine. And I commend you for your dedication. I know that you brag to the less-disciplined exercisers, and certainly the no-exercisers how healthy you are. Well, perhaps not.

We've all heard the stories of famous athletes who dropped dead in their prime, and we wondered why. (We needn't wonder with the steroid cases.) But, CLOSER TO HOME, I urge you to do an experiment. Take a Saturday morning, maybe about 10 or 10:30, and hang out in your local Peet's or Starbuck's. Check out all of the spandexed people, fresh from running, rowing, biking, etc. Look, and listen.

Look? Some are walking with a limp, many are wearing a variety of joint braces. A good number are all bent over, their spines obviously in a state of collapse. (And you were told that exercise prevents osteoporosis.) Obviously, they are not pictures of health.

Now... listen. Listen to their conversations. As the adrenaline dies down, you will hear the same health complaints, the same talk of doctors and tests and pills and surgeries, as you would in most groups of people of the same age bracket.

In my office? I've seen serious athletes with very serious conditions. I have seen the results of old sports injuries, or rather old sports injuries UNCORRECTED, including advanced subluxation degeneration, leading to greater subluxation.

Athletes get subluxated, like everyone else. They are not immune. You can run 50 miles a week, or ride 110 miles a week, but if you have interference to your nervous system, you will have compromised bodily function. you will have dis-ease, leading to disease. AND, as your function is compromised, your athletic performance, however impressive, is compromised.

Is exercise good for you? No question. But if you are not under chiropractic care, if you are subluxated, you are not healthy. You can do better... much better.

Don Harte, D.C.
Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Corte Madera Chiropractor Charges Medical Fascism

Today I was interviewed by a TV station about vaccination, focusing on the new requirement for a DPT booster for 7th to 12th graders. (Stay tuned for the details.)

I brought up how the personal exemption for vaccination is such a well-kept secret for parents. (Blame the State of California, and the school officials who "just follow orders.")

The reporter informed me that there is talk about changing the parameters of the personal exemption. Parents would be required to go talk to the pediatrician. I was asked what I thought. (Oooo, my "New York" came out here!) I said that "I think that this proposal is overbearing, vile and a tool for medical fascism."

How dare those arrogant bastards in Sacramento send thinking parents to the pediatrician to be confronted, belittled and threatened? Threatened? Yes. Many pediatricians these days will not accept a child in his or her practice who is not "fully vaccinated." (Yes, that means even those "semi-dissenters," those parents who opt out of some vaccinations and/or spread them out, will be expelled.) How many parents will fold, as they are terrorized by the Power of the White Coat? How many will fold just in anticipation? Yes, the medical establishment will begin to regain  their power if this craziness passes, at the expense of your children's health, and at the expense of our liberty. Yes, this is medical fascism!

So, in the end, how many more children will have their lives destroyed with autism, or even cancer? How many little lives will be severely impacted with type I diabetes, asthma, learning disabilities, juvenile arthritis...? How will their families be impacted? Society as a whole? All because of Big Brother in a White Coat.

Remember that Health does not come from the Outside-in, whether that "outside" be a vaccine or a pill or a surgeon's knife. Health only comes from Above-down, Inside-out. THAT IS WHY you need to get your children adjusted. That is why YOU need to be adjusted. Correct interference, so that you and your children will express Life more fully.

Corte Madera Chiropractor Talks Freedom vs. Mandated Vaccination

"Compulsory vaccination is an outrage and a gross interference with the liberty of the people in this land of freedom." - D.D. Palmer, D.C. Founder of Chiropractic

As the deadline comes closer for 7th to 12th graders to get ONE MORE DPT* booster shot, the media frenzy about unvaccinated children is intensifying. Where is the inquiry in efficacy (does it work?) and safety? Where is the concept of parental choice... personal choice offered and discussed. Big Brother in a white coats speaks, and the sheep go "bah-ah, bah-ah."

What we have here is medical fascism on the march. As in all things involving greater control of the masses, we are told that the new control is "for our own good." Anyone questioning this (that would be me) is looked upon as an apostate. As the old saying goes, the road to hell is paved with the best intentions.

Want to learn more about the subject? Take a look at my recent blog, and check out the outstanding information offered by the National Vaccination Information Center.

The point today is if you want your kids to get vaccinated, go ahead. But if you don't, you have the right to say NO to Big Brother in the white coat. The way the law is written in California, and the way the school systems conduct these policies, there is a huge, ugly myth hanging over the heads of thinking parents. They are lead to believe "No Shots, No School." Not so! There is a personal exemption; however, this fact is a well-kept secret, as is the form itself. Parents, you know you have all of those flyers out for you at your child's school? Ever see the exemption form? No. It's kept hidden in a drawer. You have to ask for it.

You have the right to protect your child from medical adventurism and fascism.

*THEY don't even label the new vaccine properly. They are pushing it as a whooping cough shot, while they spread fear about that disease. The "D" is for diptheria. Where would anyone get that? Is this a bonus?

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Marin Chiropractor says MD's Don't Follow Their Own Rules

Almost every night, I see the TV ads for Cymbalta, an anti-depressant. Bad enough as an anti-depressant; Cymbalta is now being hawked for chronic pain. Apparently, the Great Protectors of Your Health, the FDA, have approved this previous off-label usage.

Off-label? What does that mean? It is MD's prescribing medication for uses that that particular has not been approved of. Usually, no research has been done in that direction. Yet, it is said that somewhere upwards of 60% of prescriptions are written off-label? These are the medical guys, the high priests of Science. Seems they are incapable of following their own rules and regulations.

This is true, to as to usage, or over-usage, of particular drugs and procedures. I frequently hear about people getting corticosteroid injections into spinal joints, knee, wrists, etc. 5, 6, 7, 8 times. This procedure is supposed to be limited to two, at most three times in a particular joint. Why? Because, though it sometimes gives very good pain relief, it causes serious destruction in joints that are already damaged. This type of thinking, or lack thereof, is typical of Medicine, thinking only for the effect of the minute, disregarding long-term health implications. They just can't follow their own rules.

Now, with Cymbalta, it appears that the regulatory agency, the FDA, is embracing off-label at perhaps its worst. It is bad enough that pain killers and anti-inflammatories just cover up pain, without dealing with cause. (Cause appears to be an unknown concept in the medical world.) Now, they are using a drug that messes with the mind to alter the perception/attitude of chronic pain. This is sick!

When you watch the commercial for Cymbalta, try and catch as many side effects as you can, from the small-time, like dry mouth, to liver damage, sudden muscle rigidity and "thoughts of suicide."

And you still trust these guys? "Ask your doctor if 'thought of suicide' are right for you.'" This stuff is nuts!

Don Harte, D.C.
Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

Corte Madera Chiropractor talks Old Car Accidents, "Arthritis," Other Stuff

It is amazing to me how people downplay their injuries from car accidents, especially those of many years ago.

Rear-enders, anything beyond a parking lot "tap," constitute a serious insult to the spine, and, therefore, the integrity of the nervous system. We are talking thousands of pounds of momentum acting upon your little neck in milliseconds (that's thousandths of a second). Even if you had no pain immediately after, or if your pain went away in a short period of time, you can still be left with massive Vertebral Subluxation Complex. This will effect your health, negatively, over the years. (This means not just bone and muscle. Organs, systems can be effected, allowing for serious disease to occur.) This will, over the years and decades, result in subluxation degeneration (what others might call spinal arthritis). Go to the MD, and he or she will try and sell you that your problems are the result of age. No, not quite. They are the result of the AGE of your subluxations.

Front-end collisions are generally not as bad, but still merit be checked. Broadside hits can be bad, especially if your car is not hit in the middle (instead hit in the front or the rear fender), causing your vehicle to spin. Rotational injuries are especially complicated.

You've had physical therapy? Big deal. Nothing was done for the correction of subluxation. You were prescribed drugs? Same thing. In fact, anti-inflammatories can make your healing more problematic. That is even more true if you were given a cervical collar.

The greater the number of years it's been, the greater the damage to your spine and to your health.

Get checked. Get adjusted.

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

Monday, July 25, 2011

Marin Chiropractor Quotes M.D. on Disease, Drugs, Nature, etc.

Food for thought...

"Many new diseases are iatrogenic* in nature, that is to say, they are the result of well-meant but injudicious use of therapeutic agents.  In these days when tranquilizers take the place of baby-sitters, blood transfusions are given thoughtlessly, indiscriminately and often needlessly, exposure to diagnostic or therapeutic ionizing radiation has become so universal, antibiotics are regarded as the cure-all for the most minor infections, and steroid therapy is the refuge of the destitute, it is small wonder that the old maladies are replaced by new man-made ones, and that allergies to a multiple of antigens have become so commonplace that they are said to exceed pathogenic microorganisms in number.  One person may have an unsuspected allergy to such a harmless drug as aspirin.  No drug is completely safe.  If we continually interfere with nature, we must pay the penalty."
                                                PATHOLOGY, William Boyd, M.D.
                                                          "The Causes of Disease," p.11

 *  "IATROGENIC" means physician-caused.  "Iatros" is Greek for physician.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Marin's Drug Culture and the Death of Amy Winehouse

One one drug-crazed celebrity dies. This is news because she was a celebrity. People die from drugs every day, except they are regular people. Long-term usage, and short-term mistakes in the hospital.

Marin has a history of the drug culture of the 60's. The journey from recreational, illegal drug use to therapeutic, prescribed drug use is not difficult. Both are based upon a faith in chemicals to get you somewhere. The "somewhere" could be "high" or it could be the diminution or control of a symptom. Drugs are relied upon to do things, and they do. You could see them as magic potions. Either path, recreational or therapeutic, is, in reality, the same path. Besides, a great number of therapeutic drugs are "mind-altering."

There are different speeds to self-destruction. One is rather quick death, or death at an early age, from excess, the speed of Amy. It is odd to note that one of her current hit songs is about "rehab." Well that didn't work. What else is new? Most rehab is an elaborate and grossly expensive charade, substituting legal drugs for illegal drugs. Does the body really know the difference? So, what's the difference? The only rehab program that I ever heard of that actually worked is called "Exodus," in Miami. It is run by Dr. Jay Holder, a chiropractor. Instead of substituting drugs for drugs, he ADJUSTS THEM. Amazing results.

Then there is slow speed drug death. Refer to my last blogpost, about statin drugs, slowly destroying muscles, liver, kidneys, pancreas and even what they are supposed to protect... the heart. There's serial vaccination, bringing about slow destruction of the immune system. Diabetes drugs, that destroy the heart. The drugs for auto-immune diseases frpm psoriasis to lupus to MS, that end up causing cancer.Drugs like Ritalin given to kids with ADHD damage the heart, and do who-knows-what to the developing brain. So many other examples..

Then, there are the psychotropic drugs that slowly destroy the mind. This is especially true when anti-depressants are given to kids as young as two! Frying their poor little brains, they are put on anti-psychotics at five year old. Death of little minds and souls... a tragedy!

This information is out there. Yes, we live in a drug culture, probably worse in Marin than most other places. Yes, you do get to go places with drugs... sometimes all the way to the Marble Orchard.

NOTE TO THOSE WHO ARE NOW WONDERING "WHAT ELSE CAN I DO? I HAVE RECALCITRANT FULMINATING SCUNGELOSIS":What else can you do? You can get in here, get adjusted, and allow your body to heal. There's a good chance that you will "need" less drugs, perhaps none in time. Over the years, I have seen Practice Members throw away drugs for gout, anti-depressants, thyroid hormones, heart medications, diabetes drugs, beta-blockers, pain medications, etc. Remove interference, and all is possible.

Don Harte, D.C.
Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

Friday, July 22, 2011

Corte Madera Chiropractor Exposes the Scourge of Anti-Cholesterol Drugs

I have long known that statin (anti-cholesterol) drugs are very dangerous, damaging the muscles, kidneys and liver, among other things. And I have long known that the whole cholesterol thing is one of the biggest scams ever pulled by the PMG (Pharmaceutical-Medical-Governmental) Complex. I knew the numbers were massive, but until I read this article I had no idea that statins are taken by one in four Americans over the age of 45. This is a public health nightmare, so I guess it's good for drumming up medical business.

Read this article. Now it comes out that these statin drugs bring on type II diabetes, or just high blood sugar (hyperglycemia). Then, you get treatment for the diabetes (or hyperglycemia mistaken for diabetes) and end up with heart disease from that treatment. Wasn't the point of taking statin drugs to reduce heart disease? Oops.

It also turns out that statin drugs directly effect the heart. And I have long said, cholesterol has little to nothing to do with heart disease. Yes, They are lying about this. And if They are  lying about his, what else are They lying about?

This whole statin drug/cholesterol thing is pushed as "preventive medicine," even "wellness." What a crock! Here's something to consider. For those of you who are still card-carrying members of the Cult of Medicine, I challenge you to stop and think about this... Is heart disease due to a deficiency of statins?

Time to look at biological reality. The heart and all of the cardiovascular system is run by the master system, the nervous system. It will be run perfectly, UNLESS there is interference (vertebral subluxation).Why not correct this interference?

Get adjusted. No side effects. You get prevention, and way more far-reaching, a fuller expression of your genetic potential. Try and get that from Lipitor or Crestor.

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Corte Madera Chiropractor Offers Fair Trade Health Care

"Fair Trade"... "Fair Deal"... We are all looking to be treated properly, with respect, and to be able to trust whoever we do business with. In short, we fairness. That's bottom line. Hopefully, on top of that fairness is quality... results... even excellence.

Do you get these things in your health care? Come on, be honest! When you are being examined or treated in your doctor's office or in the hospital, are you seen as YOU, or just a "gall bladder," or a case of diabetes or migraines or depression, ready to be doctored in a cookbook fashion? Don't know what I mean? Well, the gall bladder person goes to the general surgeon, to get that "unnecessary*" organ removed.Diabetic? You get the latest diabetes drug, until that one, too, is pulled off the market. (You might look up Avandia.) You suffer from migraines? No, they won't figure out that YOUR HEAD IS ATTACHED TO YOUR NECK. You will get the seventh or eight drug "to try." (And they call this "science?") You're depressed? You get the next greatly advertised anti-depressant, and if they didn't work, you move on to anti-psychotics. (Yes, Amblify is an anti-psychotic drug.) You are not you in that medical office. You are your diagnosis. And what if your diagnosis is wrong?

Who's paying the bill? If it's the insurance company, Medicare or Kaiser, it is the "bean-counters" who determine what kind of care you get, NOT your doctor. As the old saying goes, "He who pays the piper call the tune." 

It is this lack of shoulder-to-shoulder trade that has allowed medical costs to skyrocket beyond all reason. Why? "It's nobody's money," while our whole society is going broke. Take the cost of a hospital bed, one night. $2500,. maybe $3000, for just the bed and the three meals of dog food. No doctor visits, no drugs, no tests, no procedures. Just the bed and the food. YOU WOULDN'T PAY THAT KIND OF MONEY FOR A NIGHT IN A HOSPITAL. Just think what kind of magnificent hotel suite in some exotic location, what fine food, $3000 a night would buy. But "it's nobody's money." Just like when you get the hospital bill, and you're charged for drugs you didn't take. Fair trade? I think not.

Go to a chiropractor "on your list," and what do you get? No exam, no X-ray, no scans, and 3-6 visits, which will not allow change in anyone. You will end up saying "I tried Chiropractic but it didn't work." No, what you got wasn't Chiropractic. It was third-rate physical medicine, doled out by faceless bureaucrats. You didn't get well. Maybe you didn't pay anything, or only $5 a visit. In the end, you got squat. No fair trade here.

In my book, the first item in fair trade, fair business, is clarity! When you come to my office, it is made 1000% clear what Chiropractic is, and is not, how the body really works, the tragedy of Vertebral Subluxation Complex, and what the adjustment does for you. You are examined, nerve scanned, X-rayed and analyzed. Then you are presented with a Report of Findings. You get your INDIVIDUAL findings (I've heard of some chiropractors who do group reports... Is that like group therapy?) You are explained how you got to your current state of lack of health, and what needs to be done to get you on the Path to Health. Laid out for you is your individual schedule, and exactly how much your Initial Intensive Care should cost. Clarity. Fair Trade.

Costs? Everyone is worried about that, especially these days. Instead of the usual, non-committal "let's try a couple visits for a couple of weeks" (guaranteed failure), you get to know the whole story, time and money, up front... second visit...Report of Findings. (EVERYONE has a schedule according to his or her needs.) Fair trade. Then you get two options. (1) You get a nice discount for pre-paying for care, higher for families. Currently, you get extra off. Ask about our "Fire Sale." (2) You pay full price, 12 visits at a time, in advance. Why? This... chiropractic care... is a process, by which years, decades of Vertebral Subluxation Complex, layer upon layer, is unraveled, to allow you greater expression of life. I do not have people pay day by day, because that involves a buying decision, day by day. When that happens, people tend to look upon that day's adjustment as an aspirin. Visits get spread out and peter out. Failure. Paying a little for something that cannot work is not a deal. I am here for the success of your chiropractic care. I do, I agree to and ask you to agree to what works... nothing more, nothing less. Fair trade. 

You can't get any clearer than that!

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

* Who ever thought of the concept of "unnecessary organs?" Some organs we can live without, but when we do, we live less well, less healthily.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Corte Madera Chiropractor Explains Knowledge vs. Wisdom

"Knowledge is knowing a fact. Wisdom is knowing what to do with that fact."
 - BJ Palmer, D.C., Ph.C., The Developer of Chiropractic"

Most people are so convinced that everything medical is scientific... factual... modern... sophisticated... the cutting edge of technology... that all this is a "given." In other words, there is no real critical analysis, no weighing of evidence, no healthy skepticism. Medicine is just accepted, swallowed whole. This is not to say that one may become disappointed, frustrated or angry at a particular doctor, or hospital, or drug, or procedure. This can and does happen all the time. But the hegemony of Medicine is not questioned.

What happens to those who DO QUESTION Medicine, like me? We are considered unscientific quacks*, maybe even just plain stupid. And, I know, those of you who are my practice members and some of my colleagues. People look at us like we're nuts. But all of this is not logical, scientific or sensible. This is cultural; this is bigotry. Like all bigotry, it is based upon fear of the unknown.

Facts? Research? Money? Institutions? Medicine has got Chiropractic beat on all of that. Sometimes it seems like all of the medical "facts" (what appear as facts, anyway) can and will obliterate Chiropractic by its sheer weight. Things that "everyone knows." The diagnostic parameters (or lack thereof), the drugs, the procedures, supported either by the weight of Tradition, or research. Tons of research, resulting in the next "breakthrough," the latest "medical advance."

Break down all of this medical stuff, and it all comes down to naming a disease or condition... diagnosis, and attacking that disease or condition... treatment. It is all "Outside-in," as if you could bring about health by attacking disease from outside the body with drugs and/or surgery. Despite the popular moniker "health care," Medicine is NOT health care; it is disease care.

How about a very basic fact, that no one with any decent knowledge of biology would dispute.. The nervous system controls and coordinates everything... every part, every function... of the body. Fact. Medical students learn this, too, and then, for their entire careers, they ignore this fact. They return to the mythology of Outside-in. Discarding, ignoring a basic fact of biology is not wisdom; it is foolishness. They lack the WISDOM to comprehend, respect and utilize the basic fact, that they lose in a vast sea of unrelated, far lesser facts. They manipulate these lesser facts to tell your body what to do. They believe that They know better than your Innate Intelligence. This demonstrates a decided LACK of Educated Intelligence, a glaring lack of wisdom.

Chiropractic understands the basic fact; it comprehends and appreciates that the body heals itself, from Above-down, Inside-out. We correct interference to the expression of Life, and we get out of the way. Wisdom!

What do YOU think?

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

* "Quacks?" That's why I have my one-eyed Pennsylvania duck on my front desk.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dr Harte, Corte Madera Chiropractor Offers Science Instead of Myth

In his 1957 classic, "Evolution or Revolution," Dr. B.J. Palmer, "The Developer of Chiropractic" (son of the founder, Dr. D.D. Palmer), wrote about the ORIGIN of where Medicine, and most other people, think disease comes from, and what to do about it:

"The external invasions of evil spirits, exorcising demons, witchcraft, driving out demons, from tom-toms and superstitious incantations - all of which was from OUTSIDE-IN, BELOW-UPWARDS;
- to compulsory vaccinations, inoculations, injections; 
- to chemicals -same old OUTSIDE-IN, BELOW-UPWARDS -whatever the method used, savages or medical men, in their attempt to restore health, to force health and life IN from the OUTSIDE, to force sickness and death OUT from the INSIDE, the APPROACH WAS ALWAYS THE SAME.

"When the microscope came, they saw smaller animals then they knoew: microbes, germs, parasites... "

You get the idea. I've been explaining, for many years, that "Modern Medicine" is based upon a medieval concept. All the research, the tests, the diagnoses, the treatments, despite their modern and scientific "clothing," are all medieval in concept. Back in the middle ages, when you "fell from grace," evil spirits could enter your body (OUTSIDE-IN) to make you sick. When someone sneezes, where to you think the custom of saying "G-d bless you" came from?

Chiropractic is based upon unassailable scientific fact. The nervous system runs every system, organ, tissue and cell in the body. Interfere with that running... Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC)... and you've got problems... a LACK OF HEALTH. Correct that CAUSE, and you will heal and function better. Simple!

"But I have fulminating scungosis." (I made that diagnosis us. I KNOW my diagnoses are bogus.) So? Your own Innate Intelligence will diagnose you and treat you, far better than any doctor, or all of the doctors of all types put together... unless you have interference.

I know that this sounds strange, radical, maybe off-the-wall. Regardless, this is the truth. Yes, Chiropractic is far more scientific than Medicine will ever be.

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

Corte Madera Chiropractor Talks Quality vs. Shoddy Care

Though it's happened hundreds of times, I am still amazed when people come off thinking that a chiropractor is a chiropractor, an adjustment is an adjustment. So they make their decision by looking for the cheapest guy, or, "even better," for the guy who has such low clinical and moral standards that "he takes my insurance."

Please understand that insurance is a medical invention, designed to cover medical services. Contrary to what some people think (sadly, including some chiropractors), Chiropractic is NOT Medicine. It is not part of Medicine. It is not even "alternative medicine." Chiropractic is totally separate and distinct from Medicine. Medicine is the diagnosis and treatment of disease, healing from Outside-in. Chiropractic is the detection, analysis and correction of Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC), allowing your body to heal and to express itself at a higher level, from Above-down, Inside-out. DIFFERENT.

As I said, insurance is designed for medical services. When chiropractors submit their bills to your insurance, they must "diagnose and treat" in order to get paid. They are forcing the round peg into the square hole. (Or is it the other way around?) If they don't know any better, well, they have no grasp on what Chiropractic is. If that is so, why would you want a chiropractor with no grasp on what he or she is supposed to serve you with? If they do know, could there be an ethical breach? What do you think? Does this make a difference to you? It should!

The above is about intent... purpose... mission. If you go to a chiropractor whose mission is to "crack you" every which way, without proper analysis (history, exam, X-rays, nerve scans), to whatever number of visits your insurance is paying for, you will be sorry. You will join the ranks of those who say "I tried Chiropractic, but it didn't work." NO, YOU DIDN'T! You had a medically perverted excuse for chiropractic, far from the real thing.

If you have paid out-of-pocket for a cheap chiropractor, if you didn't get the QUALITY and QUANTITY of Chiropractic that you needed, whatever you paid, you were ripped off. As I've said before, if you go to a chiropractor "when you need it," that's the same pain relief you can get from a couple of Advil. (Not a recommendation.) Some may get some pain relief from these lesser chiropractors, but no one will get correction of Vertebral Subluxation Complex. Therefore, your body remains in chaos... in poor health, as your strategy for health remains "Oh, I hope nothing shows up on my next doctor visit."

Straight... real chiropractic care means a freeing of your body and mind to express its potential. This is done with the straight chiropractor focused up the Science, Art and Philosophy of Chiropractic. I am here to change lives, and to save lives... nothing less. Chiropractic saved my life. I pass that on, every day, as best as I can!

Anything less is shoddy care. In fact, anything less, in my book, ceases to be Chiropractic. It is more like third-rate physical medicine. Your choice.

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Marin Chiropractor asks: What's the Deal... Chiropractic, the Nervous System, Everything Else?

The popular conception of Chiropractic is SO bogged down in the very tiny connection with bad backs, bones, etc.

Let me make two things perfectly clear... (1) A chiropractor, certainly a straight (real) chiropractor is NOT a fixer of bad backs and bad necks, though many people with bad backs and necks are helped with chiropractic adjustments.

(2) A (straight) chiropractor is NOT a bone doctor. Closer to the truth would be a "nerve doctor." (Yes, I know that I have a lot of nerve, but that's another issue.) The deal with the spine is that it houses, it protects the nervous system, along with the skulls.

What do you care about your nervous system, unless you have something like Parkinson's or MS... something that a typical. medically acculturated person would go to a neurologist for? YOU SHOULD CARE ABOUT YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM. Why? It runs everything. It is the master system, controlling and coordinating every system, organ, tissue and cell in the body. When there is interference to this control and coordination (Vertebral Subluxation Complex... VSC), dysfunction... dis-ease results, eventually disease. We're at talking CAUSE here. the root of things, bad or good.

Chiropractic is the only profession that is concerned with, tasked with the CORRECTION of VSC.

So, check out this video:​=qdK75K9COhE&NR=1  You will, probably for the first time, have a grasp upon how the body works, far beyond what your M.D. can even conceive.

This is critical information. Share this with everyone you know, be they local or on another continent, be they young or old, be they very ill or apparently healthy. EVERYONE needs to see this.

Thank you!

Don Harte, D.C.
Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Corte Madera Chiropractor Talks "Anti-Aging"

I usually shy away from vague, often misused and over-marketed terms like "anti-aging." It is often applied to various make-up "miracles," dubious herbal treatment and potentially dangerous injections of HGH (human growth hormone). But... the term seems to be a perfect fit for what I have in mind.

For those of you who are not yet Practice Members, I should place the discussion that I will be discussing. Unlike "normal" offices, with separate rooms, I have an open adjusting room, which we call the Adjustatorium. Way better adjustments. Way more fun!

So, a couple of weeks ago, a Practice Member whose been coming, on wellness care, since 1987, comes into the Adjustatorium and sits down on the bench. I remarked that he had a birthday coming up. Just to harass him in a friendly way, I asked if it was his 100th birthday. He said, "No, I'm 70." Everyone remarked how well he looked for 70. Very true; they weren't just being polite, they were being truthful. Then, a woman on one of the chiropractic tables says "I'm 50." Same thing. Then we all got to talking about all the older people in the practice who look so much younger, and are so much healthier than their peers. For the most part, little to no drugs, very few doctor visits, very active. So many people over the years "out of the norm"... looking good, feeling good, actually BEING healthy, because their vertebral subluxations are corrected regularly. A healthy nervous system, with less interference, makes for a healthier individual. Biological common sense.

I mentioned one of the Practice Members, very up in her years. Sometimes, she misses her weekly wellness visit. When she does, she gets wobbly, physically and mentally, and if she goes more than two weeks without an adjustment, her skins becomes yellow. But when she is like this from falling behind, and then she gets adjusted, it is amazing how fast she gets back to her chiropractic normal. Of course,, for her age, the medical normal would be wobbly and yellow.

As you get older, so do your vertebral subluxations, and consequently, your subluxation degeneration (what other people might call spinal arthritis). The effects of a compromised nervous system (THE system that runs every other system) usually become apparent with age, whether it be heart disease, urinary problems, constipation, vertigo, bad knees or hips, fatigue, insomnia, arthritis, diabetes, circulatory problems, loss of mental clarity, respiratory issues, etc. Getting real (straight) chiropractic care allows your body to heal, to improve functioning.

In "Medical Land," this is impossible. You're told "Learn to live with it. You're getting old." You are trained not to expect any better... ever. Yet, older people have come to me over the last thirty years, and gotten well, often cutting down or totally dumping their meds, from conditions that they were led to believe were permanent.

You can be a sheep and follow the medical rules, or you can come and get checked, to see how I can help you, no matter how old or how sick you are. You CAN do better!

Be Well,
Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dr. Harte Denounces Dumb Medical Shows

I understand, from my chiropractic sources, that there was just a TV show on NBC with Dr. Nancy Snyderman, "How to live to be 100."

The advice of these so-called experts? Have a good attitude, eat right, exercise, and "take your medications." I suppose I should be satisfied with them being right on 3 out of 4, but this sort of misinformation constitutes a PUBLIC HEALTH MENACE.

Why? First, how can I characterize this as "misinformation?' Do people get sick and die prematurely due to a deficiency of drugs? Of course not. How many people die each year in this country from medical misadventures? Depending upon one's reference, the number of iatrogenic (physician-caused) deaths is between 180,000 to over a million! I have seen enough interviews of people living to very advanced ages to know that almost every one of them brag about how they stay away from drugs and doctors.

The good advice from that TV show, eating well, exercise and proper mental attitude, work because the body heals itself and maintains itself. That is why THE most important factor in health is regular, wellness chiropractic care, correcting interference, allowing the body to function at a higher level.

Don Harte, D.C.
Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Corte Madera Chiropractor Exposes New Drug Horror

Canada just approved Benlystatm, or belimumab, for the treatment of lupus. 

Is lupus a disease associated with terrible suffering? Yes! So, now that there is is new drug for it, shouldn't we all be jumping up and down in excitement? No. Why?

Lupus, or more properly systematic lupus erythematosus (SLE), is one of the auto-immune diseases, such as MS (multiple sclerosis), psoriasis, Hashimoto's (thyroid), rheumatoid arthritis.... What happens is that the immune system is overactive so that it attacks the body's own tissue as if it belonged to someone else. Particular auto-immune diseases will hit a certain organ or organs. Anyway, the body attacking itself is a very nasty thing.

It appears that, through some rather sophisticated manipulation of certain proteins involved in the immune response, Benlystatm inhibits immune response, thereby seeking to reduce symptoms of lupus. (Don't even think that this drug makes anyone better.) While the FDA approved it in March, even though it was only marginally effective. Apparently, 11 patients needed to be treated for one to benefit. Hot stuff, huh? Could you imagine if Chiropractic benefited only one out of 11 people? On top of that... they left the most seriously ill out of the study. (You still think that the government is there to protect you? You still trust Medicine? WAKE UP!!!)

Benlystatm is not being evaluated for the treatment of other auto-immune diseases. That's the process of broadening the market. You check out the other drugs currently in use for the other auto-immune disease. All horribly dangerous. Why?

Medicine, as we commonly know it, is allopathic medicine. "allo" is "against." "pathy" is "disease." So, the overriding strategy is to attack the disease. "Hypo," or under-functioning functions are made "hyper,"
or over-functioning functions, and vice versa. Because lupus, or rheumatoid, or psoriasis is from an over-functioning immune system, the immune system is attacked, made to function at a lower level, to fight the disease. 

Sometimes this works, sort of, but there is always a price. That price of taking these immuno-suppressant drugs is a chronically hypo-functioning immune system, that leads to the things that you will see listed as the side effects of these drugs, cancer, leukemia, pneumonia, tuberculosis, incurable fungal infections, etc. EXPECT THE SAME FROM THIS NEW DRUG, Benlystatm, if not worse!

Immune function, like every function in the body, is regulated by the nervous system, which carries out the wisdom of your Innate Intelligence. That Intelligence knows when you need more immune response, or less, and where; when you need insulin to be released, and when not, when your heart needs to beat faster, or slower. But if there is interference to this control and coordination by the nervous system, Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC), dis-ease occure, leading to disease.

Why not CORRECT THE CAUSE? Why not? 

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

More thoughts from Practice Members...

I've been Dr Donald Harte's patient since April 2010. To me and especially to my Mom who's been through decades of chronic pains, he's been a miracle doctor!!! I've never felt as physically healthy until I started getting my chiropractic adjustments w him, dealing w the "CAUSE" of subluxation. He IS VERY DIFFERENT from other chiropractors I've experienced from car accidents. At one point in my life, for how many years, I was always in some kind of discomfort to the point where I had to change the way I dealt w daily life. I've had chronic strains from personal injuries, workers' comp (repetitive syndrome-tendonitis), and from car accidents. Through various treatments, seeing various doctors my tendonitis on both arms, my upper back, shoulders, neck, and left leg flare ups - the aches and pain subsided. But still I'd get flare ups from time to time, depending on what triggered it. I'd also experience migraines and tension headaches. Basically, I was told and felt like I had to LIVE w the aches and pains, take pain meds and muscle relaxants, and etc. Finally, I went back to the gym, 2 years later, I became a certified fitness trainer thinking maybe I can fix myself, since I've seen and tried everything. Then I met Dr Harte at my gym promoting his subluxation. I went in for full scan and examination, got the report quickly, which the report itself tells a big story - worth getting. I admit, I was a little skeptical, cause his treatment and examples of body scans is nothing like I've seen before, but for sure I wanted to check him out, because you never know. I'm so glad that I took the chance, because now I feel so much better physically and mentally than I've ever felt before meeting him. The first month I already felt the good changes happening. Within about 2-3 months I can feel the big difference, that by August I decided to bring my Mom in. My Mom needed some serious help w her chronic back problems, degenerative discs, constant migraines and tension headaches no one can do anything about except cortisone injections, other treatments, and again various meds, which cause other issues for her. Some of my gym clients has now been seeing Dr Harte as well and feeling like "thank God there is hope to feeling normal again". I urge anyone who thinks they have to live w all the aches and pains of any kind to give Dr Harte a chance. Like I tell everyone, I'd get rid of all my doctors, but cannot imagine getting rid of Dr Harte out of my health!!! Thanks for reading.
                                                                        - Jules Fulgentes, Novato

 How LONG have you been sick and suffering? How long have you been subluxated... your brain and your body out of proper coordination/communication?

If you are a Practice Member, share this blogpost with someone who needs to read it. Then, ask them if it's OK if I call them. LET'S HELP SOME PEOPLE! LET'S SAVE SOME LIVES! 

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fibromyalgia: Medical Nonsense vs. Chiropractic Sense in Marin

Fibromyalgia... a terrible affliction, with all kinds of horrendous suffering and disabilities.

The medical field, as usual, has come up with a foolish solution, a drug to cover up the symptoms, Lyrica (pregabalin), an anti-convulsant. Does fibromyalgia involve convulsions? No. No matter to the medical geniuses. Here's the "serious" side effects, the ones for which you are instructed to call your doctor immediately. (Of course, these days, if your doctor isn't in, the "caring" voice mail will instruct you to call 911.) Ready? Here's the list:
  • blurred vision, double vision, or other changes in eyesight
  • hives
  • rash
  • itching
  • blisters
  • swelling of the eyes face, throat, mouth, lips, gums, tongue, head or neck
  • shortness of breath
  • wheezing
  • muscle pain, tenderness, soreness, or weakness, especially if it comes along with fever
  • chest pain
    The regular side effects: tiredness, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, constipation, gas, bloating, ''high'' or elevated mood, speech problems, difficulty concentrating or paying attention, confusion, difficulty remembering or forgetfulness, anxiety, lack of coordination, loss of balance or unsteadiness, uncontrollable shaking or jerking of a part of the body, muscle twitching, weakness, increased appetite, weight gain, swelling of the arms, hands, feet, ankles, or lower legs, . back pain. 
    You have enough problems with fibromyalgia. You need more with this miracle drug???
    Does this drug address the CAUSE? Of course not. In the TV commercial, they have some cockamamie explanation that fibromyalgia is "believed" to be from overactive nerves to the muscles, causing the pain. THIS IS NONSENSE. Nerves do not decide to go ahead and make your life hell. But is there is vertebral subluxation, interference to the function of those nerves, they may become hyperactive, which could result in pain.

    WARNING ABOUT SOME SO-CALLED FIBROMYALGIA EXPERTS WHO CALL THEMSELVES CHIROPRACTORS: A real chiropractor is does not treat fibromyalgia, nor any disease. He is certainly not an "expert" in fibromyalgia, or any other disease. A real chiropractor (straight chiropractor) understands that your own Innate Intelligence (the intelligence that runs your body from the moment of your conception to the moment of your death) is THE expert. The sole mission of the chiropractor is to correct interference to the full expression of your Innate Intelligence, so that your body can heal and normalize. 

    Yes, even from something as horrible as fibromyalgia. Yes, I know that this is confusing because it is so simple and straightforward.It is often that way with the truth. 

    Don Harte, D.C.
    Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor
    Liberator of Innate

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Corte Madera Chiropractic Story Ends Sadly in San Rafael

The strength of medical cultism always astounds me.

Some years ago, I took care of a man who was 84 years old, running his own company, in great shape, working out, playing several sets of tennis several times a week. I wished that I was as fit as he was.

Anyway, he comes to me with some back pain, and a diagnosis from his orthopedist, herniated disk. He is scheduled for spinal surgery in three months, but he wanted to "give this [Chiropractic] a chance."

He did very well, both objectively (my testing for Vertebral Subluxation Complex) ans subjectively, how he felt. Basically, he went from OK shape, to terrific. Then, for absolutely no reason, he actually went in for the surgery. He disappeared from the office.

I ran into him about two years later, on Fourth Street in San Rafael. He had aged decades! This formerly superbly fit and able man was all bent over with two canes, feeble in mind as well as body. A true medical tragedy/crime. Totally unnecessary!

If you know anyone considering spinal surgery, do WHATEVER YOU CAN to get them in here to get checked. Say nothing, and they will be butchered. Say something, and at least they will have an opportunity to avoid the butchering and get far healthier and happier, despite what The Doctor told them, wagging his MEDICAL VOODOO FINGER.

What do you think? Let me know. And let me know who you know that I can help.

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Marin Chiropractic Practice Members

While most think that Chiropractic is about bad backs, here's some comments from happy practice members (not "patients"):

“I am experiencing more of the ‘Juice of Life.’ I feel a large increase in my knowledge/awareness of what subluxation is and how if affects the body.” I know that my body/mind is benefiting more than I may know.”  - Katie Reid, San Francisco

“More mobility, less tightness, better sense of posture, better digestion/elimination, mcu less allergies.”  - Mark Favell, San Francisco

"Some six years ago while engaged in my morning five mile walk, I began to suffer an intense pain on the top of my right foot. Not finding any understanding from my physician, I approached Dr. Harte on a referral. After doing anatomical research, he discerned the source of my malady, and after  several months of adjustment, it disappeared--permanently! During the course of treatment, Dr. Harte educated me in the technique of stright chiropractic, which he practices, and its origins in the  discovery of chiropractic. I signed up for the wellness program and have been with him--and illness and injury free---ever since. I could not recommend a health-care professional more highly."    - Clay Jackson, Mill Valley

“I first went to see Dr. Harte in fall of 2008, at the urging of a friend, and have gone about once a week since. Having spent 4 decades hunched over a computer by day and sometimes night, plus lots of commuting, my shoulders and back need un-kinking so that I can stand & sit straight when I remember to do so.  Anyway, many benefits have resulted, so let's give him credit.  Fewer backaches & neck problems.  Socially, I am more relaxed and less irritable.  My inner systems are happy, including the immune system.  Haven't had a cold or flu in the 2.5 yrs in spite of working/commuting in a crowded city, surrounded by coughers & sneezers.  Used to get 1 or 2 bad colds a year.  That in itself pays for my adjustments.
His office (the "adjustatorium") is a fun & happy place.  He has a great sense of humor.  You don't feel like a patient.  He's open till 7 (sometimes 7:15) M-TH eves, in a handy location.  It takes 5 minutes.  And I always grab a couple of chocolates on the way out.”    
- Mary Gilbert, Mill Valley
I went to see Dr. Harte for a few reasons, the usual ones you think of for chiropractors like neck pain, but then also for fatigue, brain fog and digestion issues. That's the thing that everyone needs to know about chiropractors is that they can help you with anything, not just sore muscles.
It has been 5 weeks now and I can say that I have improved about 90%. I have more energy, I can think more clearly and I just feel good. I just noticed last night that I don't have any soreness  anywhere in my body, that was awesome. Dr. Harte is very passionate about health and helping your body to become the best it can be. He is a good partner to have in restoring your health, maintaining your health for life  and to navigate health issues. I would definitely recommend him for any health issue or "dis-ease". Oh and I also take my 19 month old to see him as well and that has been a great experience as well. 
- Sondra Cleghorn, Larkspur

“Dr. Harte is amazing and he shows that through his compassion and his care. I originally saw Dr. Harte for back pain but he opened my eyes to the real world or chiropractic care. Since I began seeing Dr. Harte, my clinically diagnosed depression is gone along with my chronic headaches! I can only imagine what else is better too since my original x-rays were a mess!!!! It's so nice to be able to manage ailments the old fashion way... by letting the brain, your innate intelligence, deal with it!!! Dr. Harte helps your brain take the dis out of your ease!”  Ashley Reyna, Novato

“Have not had a ‘bad back’ since coming here, slowly the IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is improving, range of motion has improved, general health is excellent.”  - Carol Russell, Petaluma

“I sleep like a baby now, without medication, since coming to Dr. Harte.”  - Neal Sorensen, Novato

“I have no use for my high blood pressure pills anymore, since seeing Dr. Harte. I now take only cholesterol and thyroid pills. I will not refill those prescriptions. I sleep well now.”  - Neil Sorensen, Novato

“I have more vitality. I’ve ceased meds for osteoporosis (Fosamax), and cut down on Synthroid (thyroid).  – Heather Andrew, Novato

“I get much better sleep. I get over illnesses much faster, and I don’t get sick as much. I do notice a better memory. Overall, much improved sense of well-being.” – Emily Judd, Mill Valley

Go... now... to the site, or better, just call me at (415)460-6527.

Don Harte, D.C.
Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor

Want more to get a better idea of experiences here? Time to find out how this works, how the practice works, and what I can do for you to change your life for the better!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Corte Madera Chiropractic Talks Back... Problems, Simple to Complex

It amazes me that, in this day, more and more people take their back problems to THE DOCTOR, who transfers them to the orthopedist. More and more submit to spinal surgery, which leads to more and more spinal surgery, and more and more problems.

I suppose this is good news for the makes of Oxycontin and other popular prescription pain relievers. I know, you've been tested, and given what seems like really scientific reasons why you have no choice. What you might do is stop and pose the simple question: Does this stuff work? In any other field of endeavor... getting your car fixed, plumbing, getting your spine adjusted... you would expect what you are doing, paying for, going through to work. Spinal surgery clearly does not in almost all cases. In many cases, it causes worse problems. You submit to the knife because the High Priest in the White Coat says so. Fugettaboutit. Use your head!

Back problems are NOT what Chiropractic is about. But most people still go to the chiropractor because of that, and most are successful. None end up with the kind of catastrophes that happen in the operating room. (Wanna compare malpractice rates?)

Going to a chiropractor if you have back pain should be obvious to all but the most medically-bigoted. You're getting vertebral subluxation corrected. That is CAUSE. The adjustment corrects cause. This is all so simple. Want somebody's bad back story? Obvious!

I know, there are all of those medical diagnoses/scare tactics, that people tend to adopt, as if they are the condition, and that only their doctor can handle it. Disk problems? So, chiropractors handle these all the time. And in my particular technique, I have the ability to adjust spinal disks, kinda like "surgery to go." "Spinal stenosis?" That is not something that you're born with, some deformity, which they lead you to believe. It is, for the most part, the inside-the-spinal-canal part of Subluxation Degeneration, which is your body's response to DECADES of Vertebral Subluxation. Why not correct the subluxation? Arthrtis? Degenerative Joint Disease? Again, the product of decades of subluxation.

You can get drugged for life, chopped on, or both. Or, you can get to the CAUSE... Vertebral Subluxation Complex. Besides dealing with the cause of pain, you can expect side effects of overall better health and vitality. Up to you.

Send this to everyone you know who is still bent over, doing the ridiculous orthopedic dance.

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

Monday, July 4, 2011

Marin Chiropractor Declares Chiropractic "Progressive"

No, not the usual excuse-for-chiropractic, little chiropractors in white coats offering third-rate medical treatment of back pain. This is only a continuation, and appendage, of the Medical Establishment. This is neither "alternative," nor "natural." This is a cop-out.

Straight Chiropractic... real Chiropractic, can be considered progressive. What Dr. DD Palmer discovered in 1895 did indeed cause a great progression in health care. No longer was diagnosis relevant, nor any sort of treatment required. The chiropractor detects and analyses Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC), interference to the body regulating itself properly. Then, the chiropractor corrects VSC with an adjustment, allowing the body to regulate itself properly. Dr. Palmer understood that there is an Innate Intelligence in all living things, responsible for all aspects of life. Interference with the expression of that Innate Intelligence causes less expression of life. This is big. This is progressive.

Medicine always sought.control over bodily processes. Every new biological discovery  gets them all excited as to a new way that they can manipulate bodily processes. This is a mechanistic, "Outside-in" approach. It may sometimes ameliorate the symptoms of a disease, or keep a disease stable, but it never fosters health. This is a regressive attitude. This is a regressive approach.

Progress? Progress is getting back to the respect of the power of Nature, understanding that health only comes from "Above-down, Inside-out." This vitalistic, wholistic attitude, this approach, is progressive. This is the chiropractic way.

Don Harte, D.C.
Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

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