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Sunday, September 20, 2015


The other day, I was going over the very large list of drugs that a potential (now NEW) Practice Member was taking. The last item was TUMS. I asked if she had heartburn/GERD. acid reflux. I got an astounding answer. “No,” she said. She was told to take TUMS as a calcium supplement.

Just this morning, I was talking to an older woman, who was complaining about all the bruise spots on her arms and hands. I let her know that it was the “baby aspirin” she was taking, which is a blood thinner, just like Coumadin and Plavix. I let her know that if she can see bleeding in her skin, she is certainly bleeding inside, where she can’t see. Her response was that she has to take it, because The Doctor told her, and “You have to trust someone.” Really? How about you trust someone who has not only a bunch of facts, but someone who has the wisdom to understand and appreciate the wisdom of the body, your INNATE INTELLIGENCE.
To get to the point, Medicine has no idea how the body works, nor how it thrives. Much of what you are told is downright stupid. Yes… STUPID. To cause people to take a drug that causes bleeding, with an inherent risk of sudden death? STUPID. To give someone TUMS, a DRUG, as a calcium supplement??? The now new Practice Member was shocked when I told her that TUMS is full of aluminum, which, over time, can contribute to Alzheimer’s. (Aluminum is one of the very nasty things in vaccines.) So the MD gives someone a very poor, unnatural calcium source, with a neurotoxin? STUPID.
dr-don-harteThere are good, natural, healthy calcium supplements out there. Also, what, for sure, the M.D. does not and cannot comprehend, is that you are NOT WHAT YOU EAT. You are WHAT YOUR BODY DOES WITH WHAT YOU EAT. So, if you have subluxation… bad nerve supply… poor communication… to your parathyroid glands (which are located in and around your thyroid, which control calcium metabolism), your body may not utilize properly whatever calcium you are taking. So, better get adjusted. Some weight-bearing exercise wouldn’t hurt, either.
WHO’S the expert? Not your M.D. Not me, either. Your Innate Intelligence is the expert. But I know that. They don’t.
I’d bet that just about everyone you know is on one to 20 drugs, every day. This is SICK CARE, making them sicker. Each and every one of them need to get checked for VSC (Vertebral Subluxation Complex.) How about telling them this… TODAY? (Realize that this is not just for those bent over in pain.)
Dr. Harte
Emancipator of Subluxation
Marin/Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor

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