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Saturday, June 11, 2011

#100: "Is Chiropractic good for...?"

I cannot count the number of times that I have been asked "Is Chiropractic good for arthritis/ rotator cuff/ herniated disks/ stenosis/ hormonal problems/ asthma/ migraines/ thyroid problems/ digestive issues... ?"

The answer... to all of these... is that Chiropractic is "good for" everything because it is not specifically for anything. Huh? Yes, I know that this runs counter to how you've been trained by our crazy allopathic ("against disease" or medically-oriented) society... led by the much vaunted institution known as Modern Medicine.

Here's the big difference between THEM and US. They, Medicine, diagnose and treat. In other words, they name your disease or condition, and attack it, or often just manage it. They may sometimes look for triggering factors (like doughnuts with diabetes, or smoking with emphasema or lung cancer), but they do not look at the underlying cause.

Specific? Medicine has gotten more and more specific over the years, with the rise of specialists. But remember what Dr. BJ Palmer said: "The specialist is one who knows more and more about less and less." Everyone goes home with a shiny diagnosis that allegedly explains everything, including, often, that this requires a lifetime of drugs for management, and it will get worse over time. In the more neurotic, that diagnosis comes with bragging rights. (Being from New York, I really know about this.)

With the specificity of Medicine comes a certain feeling of comfort, figuring that the Doctor really KNOWS.

Why is the chiropractor smarter than the M.D.? Because the chiropractor knows what he or she DOESN'T KNOW. The chiropractor knows that your Innate Intelligence KNOWS more than all of the doctors of all kinds put together. It is the force that united sperm with egg. From one cell, you multiplied and multiplied, and differentiated and grew into a baby, then into an adult consisting of between 25 and 40 quadrillion cells, all perfectly formed and functioning... unless there is interference.

Vertebral Subluxation Complex is interference to your Innate Intelligence expressing itself fully. Chiropractic adjustments correct Vertebral Subluxation Complex. You Innate is then free to "diagnose" and to "treat," far more skillfully, far more accurately, than the best specialists.

So, if you come in with diabetes, I will not treat you diabetes, or your pancreas. I correct interference, and get out of the way. Same thing with sciatica. Same thing with depression. Or a bad hip. Therefore, chiropractors neither diagnose nor treat.

No matter what you "have," no matter what your health condition is, no matter your age, you will be better off with less Vertebral Subluxation Complex... less interference, than more. Under Chiropractic care, you will express more life, more potential.

So, what is Chiropractic "good for?" Life!

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

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  1. I don't much care whether or not an MD is smarter than a chiropractor, or vice versa, but I do choose to live vertebral subluxation free, so I'm going to see my chiropractor later today.


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