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Friday, June 10, 2011

Corte Madera Chiropractor Dares to say: AUTISM RESEARCH FRAUD: Is Medical Non-Science Destroying Young Lives

On the question of autism causation, I wonder if the powerful special interest consortium, whom I refer to as the PMG (Pharmaceutical-Medical-Governmental) Complex, is testing just how far it can go with creating false direction utilizing research that is blatantly irrelevant. Some of this research, surveyed as the cover story of the current issue of the journal, “Neuron,” talks of one thing that we already knew, that males are more susceptible. These studies talk of “de novo events”… mutations, which are “ultrarare,” and are more plentiful in autistic than non-autistic children. OK. This means that the autistic kids have been damaged. We know this, too. This does not answer the real question, “Damaged by what?” Media’s coverage, and the common assumption, is just that “it’s genetic.” This answers nothing!

I know the knee-jerk reaction of many… Modern Medicine IS Science Medicine has done so much for society. Medicine can do no wrong. This mind-set goes on to, automatically, declare anyone who dares criticize or present truly alternative thinking as just plain nuts. As an expert in biological common sense, as a chiropractor for 30 years, I am used to being labeled a “quack” by mindless medical sheep. Scientific racism.

Fact: Autism, a terribly tragic affliction, has gone from being virtually unknown to now affecting one in 110 children in this country. (When you hear the popular “We can diagnose better now,” just stop and think how obvious autism is.) The emotional costs to its victims and their families are incalculable. What about the financial costs? Especially in these harsh economic times, associated costs can easily bankrupt a family. The escalating costs to insurance companies, to government health agencies, and to the public school system may very well play a large role in bringing down the whole system. Think… a lifelong disease, often with total disability, beginning in early childhood, occurring at skyrocketing rates.

From the first whispers of possible genetic causation (of autism), I knew two things. (1) The medical research industry will be gearing up for a massive infusion of work, influence and cash, to chase something that cannot be found. (2) The entire PMG Complex will go anywhere, say anything, do anything, to protect the “holy water” of their (unscientific) cult… vaccination. Yes, this is “CYA,” just like in politics. This has all the grace of Congressman Weiner, with infinitely more societal damage.

This genetic “tilting at windmills” is easy to sell to an adoring public who awaits the next medical “miracles.” Here’s scientific fact for you. Genetic diseases are stable within the population, over time. The human genome has not been radically altered in the last two generations. So, the genetic causation theory of autism is patently wrong, so wrong that, in my view, it demonstrated the (medical) gullibility of society.

The other group of autism causation-pushers are the environmental crowd, claiming it must be something in the environment, some kind of mass poisoning. Well, they are right, but not in the way that they imagine. The ultimate environment is within the body itself. If you pollute it, on a serial basis, beginning at birth, and continuing throughout childhood, there has got to be serious consequences. When at least some of those pollutants are specifically neurotoxic (aluminum, mercury, MSG, formaldehyde), how can you not expect brain damage? As the number of vaccines, and the number of doses rose, so did autism. The state of New Jersey has the highest autism rate, one in 90. They also have the highest number of mandated vaccinations.

Want to save the health of children and reduce a massive financial burden that is crushing both families and the whole system? Take a very important step to correct interference to the function of your child’s immune system. Get him or her under regular wellness chiropractic care. (This is not a substitute for vaccination. This is totally different.) “The best immune system is in the body, not in a lab.”  - Clarence Gonstead, D.C.

Don Harte, D.C.
Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

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