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Friday, June 16, 2017


The story of how “They” killed my father-in-law.

Joe was a fun guy. Enjoyed his vino and his cigars. Then, Kaiser got a hold of him. They replaced his vino and cigars with multiple drugs, including blood thinners.

In a short time, he became zoned one, hobbling, stumbling around. One night he sat down for dinner. Boom! Face down in the pasta. By the time they got him to the hospital, he was brain-dead. I have the image of the MRI of his brain seared into my memory. Over a third of the area for his brain was taken up by a pool of blood. Bleeding stroke.

There are two kinds of strokes. The clotting stroke, for which they prescribe blood thinners. Then, when the blood becomes excessively "thinned," you begin to bleed when and where you shouldn't. When you see older people with all the bruises on their arms, that is likely what's going on. You can be sure that if you're bleeding where you can see it, the skin, you are bleeding inside, where you can't... the stomach, the kidneys, the brain. Anemia? Perhaps. Slow bleed in the brain? Dementia? Perhaps.

Or, a vessel could just burst, suddenly in the brain. Gone in minutes!
You think you need to have your blood "thinned," to allegedly prevent heart attack and stroke? Well, these drugs can CAUSE heart attack and stroke. These drugs can kill. THEY KILLED MY FATHER-IN-LAW. 

The "thinness" and "thickness" of your blood involves complex metabolism. M.D's stupidly think that they understand this, and that they can properly control this. As a straight chiropractor, I understand that your own Innate Intelligence knows more about this than all of the doctors of the world put together. My mission is to make sure that there is no interference, so that your blood can do its own thing, safely and properly.

Tell others this story.

Dr Harte
Emancipator of Innate
Marin County Straight Chiropractor

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