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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why You Shouldn't Go To The Chiropractor

It is funny to observe the thinking process of otherwise intelligent people when it comes to health. When offered chiropractic help, here are some less-than-intelligent responses:
  1. "I'm healthy." From people who are taking 7, 8 different medications a day, has had several surgeries, has had major health crises (like cancer), and has multiple chronic diseases. Because they aren't particularly worse today, or because they are not currently in the hospital, they call this "healthy." Of course, there's a lot of disease management here, requiring a great deal of medical help. Why do they go to the medical doctor if they are so "healthy?"
  2. "I'm so sick/My spine is so bad. There's nothing you can do for me." Really? How do they know? All they know is the failure of their ongoing medical care, which they fully accept. They have no idea what Chiropractic really is, and what it has to offer. But, then, part of the problem is some of my lesser collegues, who only deal in back pain, and simple cases at that.
  3. "I've tried Chiropractic, but it didn't work." Have you ever been to a bad medical doctor, or a dentist? So? You switch. Ever have a bad meal in a restaurant? Would you say "I'm never going to eat out again? Quality, in anything, counts. Look for a straight chiropractor, whose purpose is to correct Vertebral Subluxation, interference to your body functioning properly, so that it can fucntion properly. If his or her only concern is back pain relief, that's not Chiropractic. If you're not getting proper clinical analysis with X-rays and neurological scans, there's no science behind your chiropractic care. Are your adjustments "specific," or are you just adjusted up and down the spine, the same every visit? Look for gentle, specific chiropractic adjustments. If you went only three times because, well, you weren't told the truth, or you went "when you needed it," well, that's hardly proper chiropractic care either.
  4. "I don't believe in Chiropractic." Well, Chiropractic is like gravity. Believe in it or not, it still works.
What do you think?

Don Harte, D.C.
Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

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