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Thursday, May 4, 2017

The ChOLESTEROL MYTH...vs. Real Health Care

Yes, the whole deal with cholesterol is myth. But it is myth with a purpose. It's purpose is to sell millions of dollars of statins, the drugs that reduce cholesterol.

Statins are part of the alleged heart disease preventative regimen prescribed for just about everyone over 50 these days. The rest are drugs to reduce blood pressure (usually excessively) and, often, drugs to "thin the blood." All this to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Does it work? No. But almost everyone continues, because "The Doctor says."


Cholesterol is NOT a poison. In fact, it is made by the body, in the liver. It is integral to your hormones, to cellular metabolism, and, most importantly, to proper function of the nervous system. Side effects of statins include muscle damage, diabetes, cataracts, and serious damage (sometimes fatal) to the liver and kidneys. I believe that these statin drugs (LIPITOR, MEVACHOL, CRESTOR, ZOCOR, etc.) are part of the reason for the epidemic of Alzheimer's and other dementias.


Want a healthy heart and good circulation? The circulatory system does not run on its own. It is controlled and coordinated by your brain and nervous system. If there is interference to this control and coordination (VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION COMPLEX... VSC), then your heart and the rest of the circulatory system, and the rest of your metabolism that helps it do its job, will not function properly, a state of "dis-ease." After a time, comes actual disease, sometimes serious, sometimes fatal.

So, want a healthy heart? Get checked for VSC. Get adjusted.

That means that you need to tell everyone you know who is on statins, blood pressure meds, blood thinners, etc., and especially those who have had or are threatened with heart surgery, from stents to open heart.

dr-don-harteDr. Don Harte
Marin Straight Chiropractor

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