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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Serious Disease Vs. Marin Sensibilities Vs. Chiropractic Self-Esteem

I know that most people think of going to the chiropractor with back pain or neck pain. Indeed, that's why I originally went, so many years ago. And people get help in this regard, when Medicine has nothing for them, or has already made them worse.

But this misses the point of Chiropractic. Real Chiropractic. Straight Chiropractic. We remove interference, we correct subluxation, thereby allowing the body to heal, to maintain itself better, and, to some degree, to perfect itself. We do not diagnose. We do not treat, NOT EVEN BACKACHE!

Sadly, most chiropractors, especially here in Mellow Marin, have two very serious problems, which leads to a third. They fall prey to all kinds of "New Age" distractions* They are often terminally mellow, becoming so casual with something so critical as the proper practice of Chiropractic, as to lose virtually all clinical value, and all credibility. These two faults lead to a third problem, a lack of self-esteem, and a lack of esteem for Chiropractic. Why does Chiropractic have such a "bad name" here? This is why.

Being a "New Age Supermarket" is a favor to no one. Diminishing the importance and the efficacy of Chiropractic is a disgrace. In the end, it robs people of the opportunity to lead nealthier, fuller lives. It may even cost lives.

A great part of the cost in diminished lives and lost lives is the LACK of serious cases... people in really bad shape... in most chiropractic offices here in Marin. People might say, "Oh, I've been a chiropractic patient for years," yet they go for one or two visits for pain relief, like taking Advil. Light weight cases only, for these lesser offices.

In my office, there are people with Parkinson's, vertigo, ALS, some unnamed neurological disorders, diabetes, various mild to serious digestive conditions, etc. In the past, there have been people with so many serious issues, most getting better, most either able to lessen their drug intake, or, more often, totally eliminate drugs.

Chiropractic is far too important to be diminished by amateurs. Consider only real chiropractors. And tell your friends and family, including those who live far away.

Don Harte, D.C.
Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

*Some things that one might be considered "New Age" are nonsense, and some are valuable... Chi Gung, yoga, meditation... But none of them are Chiropractic. Therefore, they are distractions, NOT valuable additions. Lao Tsu, 2500 years ago, wrote, "When you walk, walk. When you sit, sit. Above all, do not hesitate."

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