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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why Does This Corte Madera Chiropractor Take care of Really Sick People

Do you still believe that drugs and surgery get you healthy? Then why are the people who take the most drugs, and have had the most surgery, the sickest? THINK ON THIS! I know, this is one of those obvious truths that most people miss.

People who are really sick are not unlucky. They are the most subluxated. There is a reason for the sickness. That reason, that cuase, must be addressed. This is something Medicine does not do.

What Medicine does do is test, guess (diagnose) and treat, test, guess and treat, ad infinitum. Very sick people, who have gone through a great deal of this, have accumulated so many side effects that those side effects can no longer be differentiated from their original condition(s). While the failure of their chosen system, Medicine, is obvious, their psychological attachment, even dependence upon Medicine becomes more and more entrenched.

This psychological dependence is contagious in a sense; it spreads to their family and friends. It becomes the topic of discussion within that circle, what this doctor and that specialist said and did, what my specialist says, what it says on WebMD, what my sister's niece, the first year nursing student says. Every test and procedure is awaited, like the next championship ball game.

When someone offers up some common sense, like coming to me to get checked for CAUSE, the claws and the fangs come out. It is truly amazing how ferociously people defend failure, and reject common sense.

Keep trying anyway. Tell them that Chiropractic is like gravity; whether you believe in ti or not, it works. Ask whoever is the ringleader if it's OK if I give them a call. Even better, sign them up for the email newsletter* and bring them along with you when you come in for an adjustment. You can show them that we don't have medieval racks and jars of eye of newt. You can introduce them to other members of the practice, and they can share their stories.

That very sick person may say "There's nothing that can be done for me. I'm too sick/too old/too far gone. Nobody can help me." "So," you might ask them, "how come you're still seeing you current specialists? Maybe something different might produce a different result. WHAT DO YOU THINK?"

Keep in mind that the sicker they are, the more likely they are to travel here from greater distances. A lot of chiropractors wouldn;t have the nerve to take care of who I take care of.

Don Harte, D.C.
Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

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