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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Racism at KGO Radio, Marin Chiropractor Says

Yesterday, I was invited to be interviewed on the Gil Gross Show, on KGO Radio (San Francisco), on the issue of the new DPT/"whooping cough" booster shot for 7th to 12th graders. Wanting to give as many parents a chance at making an informed decision, wanting parents to know that they HAVE a decision, I agreed to the interview.

This guy, Gill Gross has about as much style as Howard Stern, without the vulgar words. Ah, but his attitude is just as vulgar. He asked me, "You mean that kids should get their necks twisted instead of getting vaccinated?" I said that, for inviting a chiropractor on his show, he should at least know what Chiropractic is. (Maybe he should have visited my site?) He said that he knew what Chiropractic is, because he "tried it once." Gee, when I was five, I had my tonsils out, so I must know all about surgery.

He maintained, like all medical cultists, that there was no link between autism (and other out-of-control childhood diseases) and vaccination. He pulled out the old medical holy cow, the polio vaccine. I tried to explain to this loudmouth that infectious diseases have a natural cycle, and that polio was just about done. He kept repeating, daring me to say that it was a coincidence that polio just vanished with the vaccine. (It didn't just vanish. It was renamed "aseptic meningitis.")

Incomplete bits of media-fed information, with not a shred of scientific understanding, he railed at me that I wasn't going to win a Nobel Prize. I simply replied that he will not win one for journalism (if there is one).

The whole sad, mad approach of Gil Gross, and other mindless members of the Cult of Medicine is that Medicine is the be-all and end-all of scientific knowledge, most specifically relating to health care. Those who challenge current medical beliefs are automatically considered quacks. This is ignorant!

Science is supposed to be a constant interplay of ideas, always searching for the truth. Within the context of a diseased, drugged society, the search is for ways for Big Pharma to make more big bucks, no matter what the damage to individuals. All the while, government uses Establishment Medicine and Big Pharma to exert more control over you and me... Big Brother in a White Coat. To deny the connection of serial vaccination to the disaster that is children's health now... autism, childhood cancers, asthma, learning disabilities, diabetes, etc... is to be in absolute ignorance of epidemiology... and common sense.You cannot poison a child to health. there is no doubt that mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and anti-freeze are poisons. So, who are the quacks, really?

Attitudes typified by Gil Gross are nothing short of what I call professional racism. As in all racism, it is based upon ignorance and a gut hatred for anyone who is different.

Don Harte, D.C.
Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

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