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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Marin Chiropractor: After the Blood... What to do After a Car Accident

Virtually everyone has been in a car accident. Could have been recently, last year, 15 years ago, or when you were a child. The bottom line is that, in almost every case, massive Vertebral Subluxation Complex occurs from the tons of force exerted on your body in milliseconds from an auto accident.

I know that many say, "But it was just a fender-bender. I didn't get hurt." Some may have been "checked" by an MD or at the hospital and pronounced OK. Hey, if you have fractures, massive bleeding, etc., a hospital can save your life. But they know NOTHING of vertebral subluxation.

Anything beyond a parking lot kiss of bumpers will subluxate you. Remember that most subluxations have no pain or any other symptoms. Only a competent chiropractor can determine if you are subluxated. If you are, pain or not, your health is seriously compromised. Until you are adjusted, your health remains in jeopardy.

"Oh, it was so many years ago." So? For all those years, you have had a compromised nervous system. Perhaps, in that time, you have had gout, or depression, or cancer. Has anyone dealt with the CAUSE? And spinewise, being subluxated for many years leads to subluxation, what others call "spinal arthritis." No, this is not from getting old. It is from your subluxations getting old. So get them corrected.

Don Harte, D.C.
Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

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