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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ethics and Chiropractic

I know that many people are mistrusting of chiropractors. Considering many of the cockamamie things that some chiropractors offer, and try to pass off as Chiropractic, this mistrust is understandable.

I was just reading on the nedt about an East Bay chiropractor being investigated for selling to other chiropractors those "disk decompression tables," the one where they claim 86% result for herniated disks. Frankly, I find chiropractors who hawk this kind of gimmick usually lack adequate adjusting skills, and always lack knowledge and understanding of the Principle of Chiropractic, and the proper intent of Chiropractic.

Real... straight... chiropractors, do not treat herniated disks, nor back pain, in general. Nor do we treat any diseases. We don't treat anything. (Diagnosis and treatment is the definition of Medicine. Chiropractic is NOT part of Medicine.) Straight chiropractors correct interference to the expression of health, Vertebral Subluxation, so that your body is free to heal itself. That's it.

Have people come to me, and gotten well, with herniated/slipped/ruptured/degenerated disks? All the time. Have I "cheated the surgeon?" More times than I can count. But not once did I treat the disk problem. I corrected the cause, liek the name of this blog.

Real... straight chiropractors do not need gimmicks like disk decompression tables. We appreciate the fact that the Power that made the body heals the body. Why add gimmicks?

For more on Ethics and Chiropractic, take a read on my website.

What are your thoughts?

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

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