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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Half of all Alzheimer’s patients don’t really have the disease

Once again, Medicine is making mistakes on a breath-taking scale. Yet, many of you still trust Them. When will you get it that They don't get it???

New research shows that Alzheimer’s disease and other dementing illnesses are often misdiagnosed in the elderly, leading to incorrect treatment and medications.
That is the conclusion of a study released on Feb. 23 and will be presented as part of a plenary session at the American Academy of Neurology’s Annual Meeting in April.
“Diagnosing specific dementias in people who are very old is complex, but with the large increase in dementia cases expected within the next 10 years in the United States, it will be increasingly important to correctly recognize, diagnose, prevent and treat age-related cognitive decline,” said study author Lon White, MD, MPH, with the Kuakini Medical System in Honolulu.


Why not check in with the REAL excperts in the brain and the nervous system?

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor

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