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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Pain of Pain Management

The 3/7 special health issue of Time Magazine writes about thes horrendous cases of pain. Sad. And sadder still is the idiotic standard medical response, lapped up by the uninformed masses.

The Time article is truly breatth-taking in its absurdity, if you read it, and then stop and think about it. With a few exceptions (like cases of amputated limbs), these are all cases of grotesque medical failure. In one case, apparently the woman with "thirteen degenerated disks" went to a chiropractor who "couldn't find anything that was misalligned. If true, this chiropractor should have his or her license and "D.C." diploma put into a shredder. Degenerated disks, part of what They refer to as "degenerative disk disease," what the chiropractor more properly refers to as subluxation degeneration, are the direct result of years and decades of serious vertebral subluxation. If a chiropractor cannot find vertebral subluxation, well, that's as crazy as a cardiologist who can't find the heart. Back to my point. Sorry I got sidetracked.

You have all these cases that Medicine, in all of its alleged scientific/technological majesty, cannot help. So, they make stronger and stronger pain medications, and then devise ways to actually fool the brain into not feeling the pain. STUPID! This is as stupid as putting a piece of duct tape over the oil light in your car's dashboard, instead of adding oil. One of the devices, magnets on te head, look like some weird thing at a New Age fair. Why not get to the cause? Yes, I know, they can't.

What damage will these pain medications do to the liver, kidneys, etc., over the years? We already know that anti-inflammatories can put a hole in your stomoach, or damage your heart to the point of death.

What damage will these electrical devices, whether aimed at the brain or the spinal cord, do to the overall neurological function? Well, if MD's cared that much about this question, they'd go back to school to become chiropractors.

Chiropractic does NOT treat pain, back or neck or otherwise. Its purpose is to correct interference to the functioning of the nervous system (the Master System), Vertebral Subluxation, allowing the body to heal.

What do you think?

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor

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