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Friday, April 8, 2011

Medicine, Chiropractic and Ham

"We have, over the years, given credit where credit is not due. We have credited the so-called wonder drug of today, ultimately to be taken off the market, either because of its dreadful side effects, or its disappointing results. The wonder drugs of yesterday have actually become the blunder drugs of today and, as a result, new diseases, termed iatrogenic or diseases produced by drugs, have been encountered by man.

Now, we have not only the original disease process to deal with, but the consequences of the drug used against it. We give credit for healing to outside factors, which, in fact, have not been established as valid or effective. I like to think of the analogy where an individual cuts himself and runs to the nearest medical doctor. The doctor attends the injury by first cleansing it with antiseptic, shoots the body full of an antibiotic for the prevention of a possible infection, wraps the injury in sterile gauze, and the patient is told to come back in a week's time.. Sure enough, after one week, the sterile bandages are removed and the lesion is healed. In turn, we are very grateful for the antibiotic, antiseptics and the sterile bandages.

May I suggest that you take a piece of meat out of the refrigerator, put a cut into it with a knife, then cleanse it with antiseptics, shoot it with antibiotics and wrap it in sterile gauze and bandages and put it away for a week's time. You will be surprised to find that no healing took place, and the cut is still quite obvious. As amusing as this analogy may seem, you may say that it is totally absurd that a piece of meat could possibly heal because it is dead. This is the very point. It is life that heals. There is no known antibiotic, no known drug, no known outside force or factor that ever healed. Only this thing called life has the ability and power to heal and cure. As a matter of fact, the only thing man ever cured was a ham!"

Frank DeGiacomo, D.C.
(My philosophy professor at New York Chiropractic College)

I was taught this in 1977. It is as true, or truer, now.

What do you think?

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor

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