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Monday, April 4, 2011

SF Chronicle Chronicles Medical Kidney Failure

Did you see Saturday's Chronicle? Right on the front page was the bragging of some sort of medical milestone, in which California Pacific medical center performed five kidney transplants in one day. They are quite proud of this. They should be ashamed. Here's why...

Kidney transplants are done when the kidney is basically shot... kaput... non-functioning... dead. Ever wonder why kidneys, in so many people, fail? What does the kidney do? It filters the blood of toxins and maintains proper salt balance of the blood. What if the kidneys are overloaded, dramatically, for years? What if that overload is iatrogenic (physician-caused)? Drugs are not food; they are foreign substances, toxic to varying degrees, that are, for the most part, "cleared" by the kidneys. Many drugs are directly nephro-toxic... poisonous to the kidneys. Look it up. Look up the drugs you are taking month after month, year after year.

Then, there is actual kidney malfunction, leading to disease, and, sometimes, to failure. Medicine does not look to the CAUSE of kidney malfunction; Chiropractic always looks to the CAUSE. The kidneys, like every other part of the body, are run by the brain and the nervous system. If there is interference to this control and coordination (Vertebral Subluxation Complex) then function can no longer be normal. This dis-ease can lead to disease and, eventually failure. Why not adjust the cause? Why not?

As to all those drugs that you are taking for years, you may be wondering now if YOUR kidneys are at risk. But you wonder, "What else can I do" for whichever diseases/conditions that you may have. Again, seek to have the cause corrected. Get adjusted.

Oh, one more thought... For a transplanted kidney, or any other transplanted organ, to not be rejected, the patient is given immunosuppressant drugs. That means that their immune system will be suppressed, from then on. Does that sound healthy?

Whay do you think?

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor

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