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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Amish, Vaccines, and Chiropractic

Autism is a difficult disorder to miss, as it is characterized by noticeably abnormal or impaired development in social interaction and communication and a markedly restricted array of activities and interests. Prevalence is now considered to be as bad as one in every 90 children born in the United States. The medical "geniuses" claim that the autism explosion is gentic in origin. This is plain stupid. How can the human genome change so drastically in a couple of generations?
 Therefore, with this devastating statistic in mind, one reporter set out to analyze the autism rates among Amish communities. Why? Because perhaps searching for autistic Amish children would reveal clues to the cause of autism ... and it did.

The Clues Come TogetherSince they have been cut off for hundreds of years from American culture and scientific progress, the Amish may have had less exposure to some new factor triggering autism in the rest of population. The likely culprit: vaccines.
Traveling to the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country in search of autistic Amish children, the reporter, based on national statistics, should have found as many as 200 children with autism in the community -- instead, he found only three, the oldest age 9 or 10. (This was a few years ago, when the prevalence was "only" one in 160.
· The reporter was unable to determine the vaccination status of the third child.
The second autistic Amish child definitely had received a vaccination and developed autism shortly thereafter.
The first autistic Amish child was a girl who had been brought over from China, adopted by one family only to be given up after becoming overwhelmed by her autism, and then re-adopted by an Amish Mennonite family. (China, India and Indonesia are among countries moving fast to mass-vaccination programs.)
Dangerous Effects of ThimerosalIn many vaccines, they use a mercury-based preservative called thimerosal that keeps multiple-dose vials from becoming contaminated by repeated needle sticks. After health officials became concerned about the amount of mercury infants and children were receiving through thimerosal-tainted vaccines, the toxin was phased out of U.S. vaccines starting in 1999. Well, that was the story.

Now, it's being phased back in. (Is anyone looking?)

When you look for health from the outside, you will be disappointed, maybe devastated. Chiropractic is a whole different thing. We recognize that health is from Above-down, Inside-out.

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