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Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Pharmacists Gone Wild!" Says Dr Harte, Marin Straight Chiropractor

People have a LOT of nerve when they see a chiropractor advertising or marketing, and they say "Oh, you're drumming up business." Depending on the tone of voice, the inference is either that the chiropractor is some charlatan trying to cheat people out of their money, or, even more irritating, "it's so cute."

Well, people assume when they hear and see the constant barrage of "public health" messages from government agencies that these messages are actually beneficial, and beneficient of the government. This attitude even spills over to the constant barrage of drug ads on TV and in magazines. Some people even discover that they have diseases that they didn't realize that they had, like depression, restless leg syndrome, etc. At the end, there is the ubiquitous command: "Ask your doctor if Scungivex is right for you." 

What is new is that pharmacies are now really pushing their drugs and their pharmacy services. Walgreen's is bragging how they check your records for drug interactions. Rite-Aid has dozens of signs, in the store and out in the parking lot, pushing the flu shot. CVS has a pamphlet, "Let's talk care, 1 on 1." It begins "You're off to the right start with your new medication." How do they know? The feature in the middle of the pamphlet is "Managing multiple medications." Now that's a gem! Then, they have a smaller pamphlet, "Save on all of your flu season needs." There's a checklist on the back. (Tissues are OK.) Realize that none of these drugs cure the flu. The first thing on the checklist, the flu shot, is a great way to get the flu! Other stuff on the list includes hand sanitizer and antibacterial hand soap. These things just make microorganisms smarter, eventually more dangerous. Of the medications, every one of these medications suppress the symptoms, which are your body's expression to fight the flu. So, you feel a little better, but you end up sick much longer.

Then there's Safeway, which has a pharmacy within the supermarket, Safeway is offering 10% off of your grocery bill if you get a flu shot. Now somebody has got to be paying Safeway to do this, right?

Drugs don't fix anything. As Jim Sigafoose says, "Drugs make you more comfortable while you are dying of subluxation."

Get to the CAUSE. Get adjusted.

Don Harte, D.C.
Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

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