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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Marin Chiropractor, Dr Harte, talks on Walgreen's 10 Point Check

Walgreen's Drug Stores is heavily advertising their new "10 Point" plan for prescriptions. They are making a sudden virtue of keeping records, checking for drug interactions, explaining side effects, etc. Should all of these things be done by a pharmacy? Of course. Should it have always been done? of course.

You may feel secure when you go to your pharmacy, when you take your drugs. The assumption, your assumption, is that it's all safe because "The Doctor says..." Maybe not. Read that. You will be shocked. Shocked enough to question your absolute, quasi-religious belief in Medicine? I certainly hope so. If not, you are wasting your time reading these ezines, and you will never be sensible enough to get the Big Idea of Chiropractic.

How can you expect drugs to make you healthy, anyway? If drugs are supposed to make you healthy, then those who take the most drugs would be the healthiest, right? No! How about yourself? Over the years, you get prescribed more and more drugs. (Yes, I know. You are always given what seems to be scientific reasons for the prescriptions. Well, perhaps it's not so scientific.) As you take more and more drugs, are YOU getting healthier, or sicker? Do you ever get well, or are your conditions just maintained, as you slowly go downhill? Don't make excuses. Just be honest with yourself. Do you still think that you can get well from the Outside-in?

Concerned about the environment? What do you think happens to the metabolites from all the drugs you take, after they pass through you body as waste products? Read this.

Safety? Efficacy? Do you still believe that Medicine knows all and does all, that it is totally scientific, and that Chiropractic is just for simple back pain? It is time that you questioned your cult-like beliefs. Perhaps this will help.

You can continue on, maintaining your poor health, believing in the gross limitations that have been fed into your brain. ("You're getting old." "You're a woman." "Your child will grow out of this." "There's nothing anyone can do for...") Or, you can wake up and think. You can realize that health does not come from Outside-in. Health only comes from Above-down, Inside-out. THAT is how Chiropractic works.

Don Harte, D.C.
Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

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