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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dr Harte, Corte Madera Chiropractor declares PUBLIC OFFICIALS THREATEN PUBLIC HEALTH, CHOICE


I charge public officials with damaging our health while trampling on our freedom. I speak of an overriding, overbearing entity that threatens our health and our liberty, what I call the PMG… the Pharmaceutical-Medical-Governmental Complex. This entity, mad for profit and power, seeks to control how we live our lives, from (before) birth to death, at great financial cost to our liberty, spreading fear and disinformation.

The most obvious club used by the PMG to beat us into submission is mandated vaccination. The “Poison the Kids” bill in California, AB2109, recently passed through the Assembly Health Committee. While scores of parents, many of them with vaccine injured children, at least one with a dead child because of a vaccine, came to testify, the committee voted, totally, on party lines, 13 Democrat votes for, 5 republican votes against. According to Dr. Harte, who also came to testify, These so-called public servants had all the empathy of Dr. Mengele, of Hitler’s death camps, and shared the sentiments that the government has the right, with the medical establishment, to do anything… anything at all.

It was obvious that the fix was in. "Coincidentally," a medical conference was in Sacramento that very day, so dozens of "white coats" showed up.

While the State of California is currently spending huge amounts of money in public health spots warning about the dangers of second hand smoke to babies, there is no concern over the direct, government-mandated poisoning and sickening of babies by serial vaccination. Vaccination produces an unnatural immune response, leading to poor immunity and chronic disease. Additionally, vaccines are full of chemical additives called adjuvants, which are highly toxic, including mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and phenol.

Vaccines are unsafe and only partially effective. Vaccines are responsible for the current terrible state of children’s health. We are now, suddenly, in an era when it is common for children to have autism, Type I diabetes, juvenile arthritis, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, leukemia, and a wide variety of learning disabilities. You cannot poison a child to health!

The fact that this medical procedure, serial (multiple times) vaccination is so accepted by society is a problem in itself. It underlies what Medicine wants people to believe, that they have no capacity to heal and be healthy from within, that they need the outside help from Medicine, in this case the "Holy Water" of Medicine, vaccines. But the truly frightening aspect of this health crisis is the gross influence of Big Pharma, and the complicity of government officials to force parents, against their will, to submit their children for vaccination. This new bill AB2109, is, to date, the most aggressive act to date. This must be defeated.

The “Developer of Chiropractic,” Dr. B.J. Palmer, said “The school is public. The child is not.”

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate


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  1. Dr Harte my daughter is a proven vaccine Injury of the Pertussis vaccine. I urge people to please read and share and help to the defend the personal belief exemption. My child almost died from vaccines and there are Dr.s even most recent a Neurologist whom we visited in California who suggested that we continue the very vaccine that almost took her life. Our daughter suffered an encephalopathy, rare seizures, global developmental delays, speech delays, she is eight years old and crawls, she can't walk or ambulate alone. She has multiple chemical disorder and is allergic to chemicals and preservatives it causes her to have seizures. There is no where not even the hospital that is safe for her. She is unable to attend public schools and even the IDEA act can not provide for her. If you think all Dr.s are going to sign this exemption you are wrong. They won't. We no longer have health insurance and no job due to what this vaccine damage has taken from our family. Please don't take away my childs right to live as well. Please contact our assembly members and senator today ...


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