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Monday, April 30, 2012


{I just sent this in as an op ed to the SF Chronicle}

AB2109 is a bill which recently passed the Assembly Health Committee. It is about the right of parents to have their children opt out of some or all mandated vaccinations. This bill will essentially take away that right of choice, making the personal belief exemption null and void.

Currently, a parent need only to ask for the exemption form at the child’s school or day care, and sign it. What is already sleazy, on the part of the State of California, is that the existence of the personal belief exemption is a fairly well-kept secret. Most parents still think “No shots, no school,” and that’s exactly how the authorities want to keep it. Now they want to shut down the exemption entirely.

AB2109 requires a parent to spend the time and money to go to a pediatrician to get “educated,” in other words, to get intimidated, into getting their children vaccinated against their will. Contrary to the party line of the proponents of the bill, it will be the rare pediatrician who will sign, because of their strongly held belief in vaccination, and because of their concerns for liability. Parents have had their children thrown out of pediatrician’s offices because their children were not vaccinated. This is borne out by studies, and by the testimony at the Health Committee hearing of scores of parents, many with vaccine-damaged children. These parents told of being thrown out of two, three, even seven pediatrician’s offices. Vaccinations, beginning with the falsely named “well baby visits,” are the bread-and-butter of a pediatrician’s income. They will not sign, so these children will be unable to attend school.

Contrary to the “wonders of vaccinations” stories that you get so often, here’s the facts. Vaccines do not produce immunity in a normal biological fashion. They trick the immune system, with questionable biological material mixed with both preservatives and substances known as adjuvants, designed to “boost” the immune response. These substances….mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol (antifreeze), latex rubber, monosodium glutamate, etc., are all toxic, and have no place being injected into a child’s body. How can any thinking person doubt that serial (again and again) vaccination results in autism, learning disabilities, meningitis, encephalitis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, seizures and other neurological conditions? Poison a brain, especially a developing brain, and bad things will happen. Common sense.

It has been a characteristic of totalitarian regimes, whether run by Hitler or Stalin, to take the children and do what they please. And, they both used Medicine as a tool of control and, sometimes, punishment. And now, here in California, Big Pharma pays off Big Government to reap huge profits at the expense of innocent children. The creepiest thing at the hearing? The legislators in support of 2109 were totally unmoved by the suffering of those vaccine-damaged children.

As I said at the hearing, “I oppose medical fascism backed by voodoo science.”

When will we learn? When will parents stand up for their children? Health does not come from a syringe of toxin-loaded vaccine. Worried about infectious disease? Instead of fighting disease, pursue health! Feed your kids well. Get your kids to a wellness chiropractor. Free their nervous system, so that their immune system can function properly.

Thomas Jefferson wrote, “When the people let the government tell them what foods to eat and what medicines to take, their bodies will be in as sorry a state as the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

Don Harte, D.C.
Corte Madera, CA


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