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Friday, April 20, 2012

FEAR, The #1 Weapon of Medicine by Corte Madera chiropractor Dr Harte

FEAR. Many assume that what Medicine uses to advance its case is science and reason. No, the #1 weapon (yes I do mean to use this word as its intent is aggressive) of Medicine is fear.

NOTE: Many people are very sensitive about any criticism of Medicine. I am not besmirching the character of individual medical doctors, most of whom wish to do good for people. I am besmirching the underlying philosophy, the intent of Medicine. Oh, I AM besmirching the character to those on top of the government health agencies and Big Pharma.

This has come to the fore in the current fight against AB2109, proposed California legislation (I call it "Poison the Kids Law") that would, effectively, destroy the personal belief vaccine exemption, causing far more children to get exposed to the dangers of serial vaccination. Far more will get sick and disabled, some permanently, and more will die. And the vaccine lobby, thus empowered, will ramp up its development of many more new sources of chemical terror.

Vaccination is often referred to, by its proponents, as "immunization." It is not. Immunization is a natural process of the immune system reacting to invaders. It is a complex, multifactorial process. Vaccination bypasses normal pathways, creating lesser levels of immunity by perverting normal biological processes.

The fact that vaccination is so accepted by our culture is by no means an indication of its safety or efficacy. It scores low on both these counts. The science behind it is laughable. Vaccination has caused untold suffering. So why does its acceptance still persist?

Why do so many medical myths persist? Why do most people still believe that: it's normal for children to have colds, flus, sore throats, earaches many times a year.... that cholesterol causes heart attack and stroke, that HRT (hormone replacement therapy) is good for menopausal women... that ADHD is actually a disease... that two year olds can be clinically depressed and will be helped with anti-depressants... that an 80 year old should have the blood pressure of a teenager... that perviously innocuous childhood disease like chicken pox are now, all of a sudden, deadly... that loss of bone density in later years is a disease... that health depends upon regular medical testing resulting in lifetime prescriptions of multiple drugs???

The answer is fear. People have been trained to fear disease like they feared demons and evil spirits in medieval times. You think we've advanced in our health thinking?

When I was discussing the vaccine issue with one of my practice members, she feared for her grandchildren. One of the fears? Diphtheria. Where would you even find diphtheria? Yet, it's still in the DPT shots. People so easily forget about the H1N1 pandemic that was going to kill off the world a couple of years ago. And the avain flu epidemic before that. People don't put together facts before their eyes. Here's one... Pretty much everyone over 50 is now on one or more drugs to reduce blood pressure, and drugs to reduce cholesterol, and a large percentage are on blood thinners... all designed to prevent heart attack and stroke. Yet, where is the change? The only changes are new tides of disease and suffering from the side effects of these drugs... sudden death from bleeding from the brain (stroke) or stomach or kidneys, dementia (from too-low blood pressure), diabetes, etc. They'll cite some form of cancer is diminishing, while other forms are getting wildly out of control. They'll scare you into getting various screening tests regularly, then the reports come out that these tests result in no better outcomes, no saving of life. Sometimes these screenings result in poorer outcomes. So they'll scare you with something else.

When I was in my 20's, they tried to scare me into a total lumbar fusion. Fortunately, I was more scared of the surgery, and I was fortunate enough to be referred to a chiropractor.

Most if not all of what they push as "preventive medicine" is based upon fear, and results in far more medical intervention, usually leading to more bad things.

There is the MFF... the Medical Finger of Fear. "If you don't listen to me, The Doctor... " This MFF is based upon the underlying medical philosophy, that "You are born with a deficiency of drugs and an excess of organs."

From newborns (obviously with parents making the decision, except where Big Brother tries to step in) to the elderly, isn't it time to replace fear with reason? Reason? Well, it is basic biological fact that the nervous system runs everything. If there is interference... Vertebral Subluxation Complex, life... health... is diminished. If that interference is corrected, health can be restored. This is what Chiropractic is about. Chiropractic is based upon reason, not fear.

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate


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