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Monday, May 28, 2012

Tale of Two Very Smart Very Cool Women

Most people confine their chiropractic thinking to back and neck pain. This extends from themselves to talking to others about Chiropractic. Sure, to suffer with back or neck pain without considering Chiropractic is foolish. But to not consider Chiropractic as part of Health is foolish as well.

Today I got a call from a practice member who is relatively new, still in Initial Intensive Care. She asked me to call a neighbor of hers whose husband is facing prostate cancer surgery. I did, and I had a long talk with that neighbor. She told me that this practice member had told her that everything is controlled by the nervous system, which was "a new concept" to her. It is the basic concept of Chiropractic, which is not at all subject to debate, for it is basic biological fact. It is a simple concept, yet virtually unknown among the general public. I thought, "If everyone knew this, everyone would be under chiropractic care, as it should be." I was heartened that this practice member understood this, and was able and willing to pass this on to someone else so that a loved one could benefit. I was especially heartened that she would go so far beyond the back/neck thing, all the way to cancer.

If any of you are getting nervous or angry that that Dr. Harte is now claiming a cure for cancer, relax. I am doing no such thing. (Cancer has been a "third rail" for chiropractors. "Third rail?" That's a New York term. The third rail is the rail in the subway where the massive electric current runs to run the trains. You touch that rail, you're toast, literally. Me? I am immune to such things. I tell the truth, no matter what.) What I told the woman is that, whether her husband gets the surgery or not, whether his prostate cancer is slow or fast ("they" don't know), he will be better off with less nerve interference, Vertebral Subluxation Complex. With less nerve interference, his immune system (which protects against cancer), along with every other system, will work better. Simple. I told her, specifically, that I am not offering a cure for his cancer. She said "Good. If you did, I would run the other way as fast as I can." Smart woman.

And damn smart for considering chiropractic care for her husband when most people totally lose their minds to the much-exalted specialists.

Perhaps Chiropractic is more for thinking people.

Don Harte, D.C.
Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

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