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Friday, August 10, 2012

Medical Fantasy in the Media by Corte Madera chiropractor Dr Harte

I've been enjoying  the "ME TV" station lately. It features stuff from the 60's and 70's. One of the shows I have been watching is "The Fugitive," in all its gritty black-and-white glory.

For those who don't know the story line of the show (or the far more recent movie of the same name with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones), Dr. Richard Kimble is wrongly convicted of the murder of his wife, and sentenced to death. When the train to the prison is derailed, he escapes, and is on the run, all the time searching for the one-armed man that he saw kill his wife. Along the way, he takes various menial jobs to stay alive.

A strong undercurrent in this series (and the movie) is Dr. Kimble's extreme results and passion as a medical doctor, even when on the run. In one that I saw last week, which took place on the Santa Monica pier, Dr. Kimble was hired as a caretaker for a man (played by Robert Duvall) who hadn't moved a limb in years. Though the character played by Duvall was as miserable as could be, and as hopeless as could be, Dr. Kimble cared, and got him to walk again. In the movie, with the U.S. Marshals hot on his tail, he sneeks into this Chicago hospital, dressed as an orderly, to look up records to try to find his "one-armed man." In the midst of this, he is asked by a nurse to take a young boy, in obvious respiratory distress, to some part of the hospital. Dr. Kimble sneeks a look at the kid's X-rays, remarks the chart, gets the kid into emergency surgery, saving his life.

I remember when I was seven or eight years old, watching other "heroic" medical shows, "Ben Casey" and "Dr. Kildaire." There I was, on the floor with a notebook, a Merck Manual and a medical dictionary. This is why my first path was to be a medical doctor.

How much has society as a whole been lead down this path to the "infallibility of Medicine?" Miracle after miracle. And if they don't yet have "The Cure," give them a few more billion, and "the cure is right around the corner." Isn't that why people run for this disease and walk for that disease?

What about the media fantasy of the passion of the medical doctor, as exemplified by Dr's Casey, Kildaire and Kimble? No, it's a lot of cookbook stuff, pulled this way and that by perks from the pharmaceutical companies, and endless, stupid government regulations. How passionate do you think that the M.D.'s will be if and when they are reduced to government bureaucrats? Lotsa luck!

In the real world, despite the weird prejudices and expectations of society, it is the authentic chiropractor who gets the "miracle" results. It is the chiropractor who is full of passion. This is passion to allow Innate Intelligence to express itself more fully, in more and more people, until, over time, with better, more fully functioning people, we will have a better community, state, nation... world! Over time, this will lead to a greater unfolding of the genetic potential of the human race. This is the Big Vision of Chiropractic! Forget the medical fantasy. See, experience and talk up the chiropractic reality.

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Authentic Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

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