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Sunday, October 7, 2012

One More Dumb Attack

This past weekend, I was happily spreading the word about health through Chiropractic, screening people for subluxation in front of a post office.

This woman loudly yells "Don't let him touch you! This is a scam. Chiropractors have no science. They hardly go to school." On the way out of the post office, she went off again, as I was palpating (manually looking for misalignment) a woman's neck: "That's the worst. Chiropractic manipulation of the neck causes strokes." I asked her what makes her so nasty and so uneducated. She glared at me.(Maybe there is a time and place for psych meds.)

Why such hatred? And why such ignorance?

Chiro school is as long as med school. Same basic sciences... anatomy, histology, physiology, etc. Different clinical studies, of course.

The claim that Chiropractic is at all dangerous is laughable. See my article that I wrote some years ago in the SF Chronicle. "Where is the Danger in Chiropractic?" The short answer? There isn't any. And the charge coming from a profession as dangerous as Medicine, that's even more ridiculous. Pure cultism on the part of medical fanatics.

To say that Chiropractic is unscientific is to be ignorant of basic biology. The nerve system runs everything... every system, every organ, every tissue, every cell in the body, and relates all these to each other, for the good of the whole. Fact. If there exists interference with this control and communication, Vertebral Subluxation, then things cannot function properly, and health suffers. When subluxation is corrected by chiropractic adjustment, health improves. Simple. To rail against basic biological law labels one just plain dumb.

I must wonder how subluxated that woman is?

Don Harte, D.C.
Corte Madera Authentic Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

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