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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Get your tail checked

Most chiropractors do not check or adjust the tailbone, the coccyx. In my opinion, that is a huge omission. I consider the coccyx to be the third most important spot in the spine, to the nervous system.

Why? The central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) is surrounded (protected, nourished) by cerebro-spinal fluid. This fluid is contained in a bag, called the meninges (as in "meningitis").
The meninges is attached many places inside the skull, over the brain, and continues down the spinal canal, over the cord. HOWEVER, within the spinal canal, it only attached at the first two cervical (neck) vertebrae (right below the skull), and then runns free until the bottom of the spine, attaching to the end of the sacrum (the big triangular bone at the bottom) and the coccyx below. So, the coccyx is the last stop for the meninges.

Virtually everyone has fallen, at one time or another, on his or her tailbone. It hurts, then it "gets better," and you forget about it. But the subluxation of that coccyx remains, forever impacting on the tone of THE WHOLE NERVOUS SYSTEM until it is corrected by chiropractic adjustment. This subluxation not only directly effects nervous tissue; it directly effects spinal fluid.

Even though it is at the other end, subluxation of the coccyx may have massive effect upon the brain, up to and including mental/emotional status.

Get your tail checked, and tell others.

That's my view. What's yours?

Dr Don Harte
Marin straight chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

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