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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Surgeons Gone Wild notes Dr Harte, Marin Chiropractor

Have you noticed that so many people are getting surgery lately, especially spinal surgery and joint replacement? Are the orthopedists having a sale, or have they replicated themselves like bacteria and they're all out looking for work, looking for someone to cut?

It is interesting that, at the same time, more and more people are getting cortisone shots in their joints? Sure, this sometimes gives good pain relief, but it is a deal with the Medical Devil. It also cause massive destruction in the joint, that is already damaged. Could this be "foreplay" for all the surgery?

With the exception of an unstable fracture or perhaps an invasive tumor, you gotta be nuts to let those yahoos in masks cut into your spine, or trade out your knee or hip for a fake one.

Forget their alleged scientific tests. Their science is phony and self-serving.

Rely on the experience of millions of years of evolution. Trust your Innate Intelligence to heal you, no matter what They say you have. get checked. Get adjusted.

Don Harte, D.C.
Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

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