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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dr Harte on "The Grateful Dead," Cancer and Chiropractic

Recently, I was watching a YouTube interview of an oncologist (cancer specialist) who had "gone off the reservation." In other words, he had a holistic or natural outlook. (I sent this link out on my Facebook HARTE OF HEALTH page.  Missed it? Maybe make a habit of checking out the page regularly. And please contribute to the conversation.)

If my memory serves me, his name was Dr. Gonzalez. He talked about his orthodox oncology residency at Sloan-Kettering Hospital in New York. He said that the standard chemotherapy, radiation and surgery generally didn't work, so people died. (He said that doubters should hang out at the basement door in the back of the hospital where the bodies come out every day.)

Dr. Gonzalez noted a very odd thing in the attitude of surviving loved ones. Despite obvious failure, they were grateful to the doctors and the hospital. (I'd like to see someone grateful to a chiropractor when they didn't get positive results.) He said that in each room in Sloan-Kettering, some 600+ rooms, there was a plaque, "In loving memory of..." He called this phenomenon "The Grateful Dead."

Stop and think how odd it is that people not only accept but even acknowledge Medicine for stuff that clearly doesn't work. This is not only for cancer. This is equally true for people with mental disorders, heart disease, auto-immune disorders, COPD, Alzheimer's, arthritis, urinary disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, diabetes, liver disorders, severe spinal problems, etc. People commonly accept "you have to live with it," that they have to live on drugs for the rest of their lives, drugs that do not heal; they only maintain a slowly declining state of health. They love their tests. They love their diagnoses. They love their drugs. They are even proud of their surgeries, as if they cut themselves open. (This was a Japanese custom in days gone by, called "seppuku," but the intent was definitely NOT therapeutic.) And they love their hospitals, and oh, they love their doctors. When they pass away, their loved ones carry on this madness... the Grateful Dead.

How can you NOT see that Medicine, in its intent and in its practical application, does not work, and never will? (I will exempt Emergency Medicine here.) They, the MD's, the nurses, the techs, mean well, but that is not enough.

How can you not seek beyond what clearly doesn't work?

How can you not realize that only the body's own Innate Intelligence heals itself? Chiropractic corrects interference (VSC) to the expression of your Innate Intelligence, allowing you to heal, allowing your body and mind to express your potential. Perhaps this is too simple for people to understand.

If you understand this, call me. Let's set up your critical first appointment.

Don Harte, D.C.
Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

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