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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dr Harte: Making a Healthy Marin Sick

I just sent this as an op ed to the Marin IJ:


The recent column by Jason Eberhart-Phillips, M.D., Marin’s Public Health Officer (“To Parents who skip kids’ vaccinations”), condemns, even belittles Marin parents who dare think for themselves, and act in the best interests of their children (as opposed to the interests of the State). It is the medical party line, more representative of a state religion rather than science. His comments are girded by his certainty that the State knows better than the parent, and that the State has the right, or should have the right, to force whatever medical measures they choose upon children, and, indeed, adults. The party line is even reflected in IJ headlines. The second page headline (for the article in question) is “Taking chances,” alluding that non-vaccinating parents are not responsible. Back in September, when I faced off against Dr. Eberhart-Phillips at the Marin Board of Supervisors meeting, the headline was “County: Students should have inoculation chance.” That was never the issue. Kids should have a chance at real health, which does not come from the artificially-induced, abnormal  immune responses that vaccinations produce.

The issue here is vaccination, and the numbers/percentages of parents who utilize the “personal belief exemption,” or PBE, which Dr. Eberhart-Phillips decries. Statewide, the PBE rate for incoming kindergarteners is now 2.3%. Marin has the highest rate of health sanity, of PBE, of 7.2%. So, Marin parents are way ahead of the curve, seeing the limitations and the dangers of serial vaccination. Here, a growing number of parents are open enough to see past the medical party line, and willing to buck authority in order to protect the health of their children. It is the children who get vaccinated who are truly at risk.

Vaccination, especially serial vaccination (up to 71 vaccinations before kindergarten), causes a state of chronic inflammation, often in the brain where it is referred to as encephalitis (often low-level.) While some may still assume that vaccination is scientific, safe and effective, we have seen the health of children devastated in the last two generations. Autism, various learning disabilities, Type I diabetes, juvenile arthritis, asthma… once rare, have become commonplace. The ONLY thing that has changed in those two generations is that the number of vaccinations has increased several-fold. Besides questionable biological material, vaccines contains a witch’s brew of known toxic substances… aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, latex, phenoxyethanol (anti-freeze), glutaraldehyde… Many of these substances are directly neurotoxic, so why is it so hard to figure out the autism connection? What about sub-clinical physical and mental losses? You still think that vaccination is scientific? What can possibly be scientific, or logical, or even reasonable, about poisoning children to get them healthy?

We all have immune systems, which receive control and coordination from the nervous system. Chiropractors appreciate that health only comes from the inside-out. Correct interference to the control and coordination of the body by the nervous system, and the body becomes healthier. This is different, and far superior to fighting, or even preventing disease. The fact that more parents in Marin are saying “no” to Big Brother in a White Coat,” rejecting serial vaccination, is a cause for joy. Some even have sense enough to bring their kids in for regular wellness chiropractic care. Maybe Dr. Eberhart-Phillips would like to regulate that, too.

A long time ago, Thomas Jefferson wrote: “If people let government decide what foods to eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

 Don Harte, D.C.
Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor

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