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Monday, July 25, 2011

Marin Chiropractor Quotes M.D. on Disease, Drugs, Nature, etc.

Food for thought...

"Many new diseases are iatrogenic* in nature, that is to say, they are the result of well-meant but injudicious use of therapeutic agents.  In these days when tranquilizers take the place of baby-sitters, blood transfusions are given thoughtlessly, indiscriminately and often needlessly, exposure to diagnostic or therapeutic ionizing radiation has become so universal, antibiotics are regarded as the cure-all for the most minor infections, and steroid therapy is the refuge of the destitute, it is small wonder that the old maladies are replaced by new man-made ones, and that allergies to a multiple of antigens have become so commonplace that they are said to exceed pathogenic microorganisms in number.  One person may have an unsuspected allergy to such a harmless drug as aspirin.  No drug is completely safe.  If we continually interfere with nature, we must pay the penalty."
                                                PATHOLOGY, William Boyd, M.D.
                                                          "The Causes of Disease," p.11

 *  "IATROGENIC" means physician-caused.  "Iatros" is Greek for physician.

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