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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Corte Madera Chiropractor Charges Medical Fascism

Today I was interviewed by a TV station about vaccination, focusing on the new requirement for a DPT booster for 7th to 12th graders. (Stay tuned for the details.)

I brought up how the personal exemption for vaccination is such a well-kept secret for parents. (Blame the State of California, and the school officials who "just follow orders.")

The reporter informed me that there is talk about changing the parameters of the personal exemption. Parents would be required to go talk to the pediatrician. I was asked what I thought. (Oooo, my "New York" came out here!) I said that "I think that this proposal is overbearing, vile and a tool for medical fascism."

How dare those arrogant bastards in Sacramento send thinking parents to the pediatrician to be confronted, belittled and threatened? Threatened? Yes. Many pediatricians these days will not accept a child in his or her practice who is not "fully vaccinated." (Yes, that means even those "semi-dissenters," those parents who opt out of some vaccinations and/or spread them out, will be expelled.) How many parents will fold, as they are terrorized by the Power of the White Coat? How many will fold just in anticipation? Yes, the medical establishment will begin to regain  their power if this craziness passes, at the expense of your children's health, and at the expense of our liberty. Yes, this is medical fascism!

So, in the end, how many more children will have their lives destroyed with autism, or even cancer? How many little lives will be severely impacted with type I diabetes, asthma, learning disabilities, juvenile arthritis...? How will their families be impacted? Society as a whole? All because of Big Brother in a White Coat.

Remember that Health does not come from the Outside-in, whether that "outside" be a vaccine or a pill or a surgeon's knife. Health only comes from Above-down, Inside-out. THAT IS WHY you need to get your children adjusted. That is why YOU need to be adjusted. Correct interference, so that you and your children will express Life more fully.

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