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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Corte Madera Chiropractic Talks Back... Problems, Simple to Complex

It amazes me that, in this day, more and more people take their back problems to THE DOCTOR, who transfers them to the orthopedist. More and more submit to spinal surgery, which leads to more and more spinal surgery, and more and more problems.

I suppose this is good news for the makes of Oxycontin and other popular prescription pain relievers. I know, you've been tested, and given what seems like really scientific reasons why you have no choice. What you might do is stop and pose the simple question: Does this stuff work? In any other field of endeavor... getting your car fixed, plumbing, getting your spine adjusted... you would expect what you are doing, paying for, going through to work. Spinal surgery clearly does not in almost all cases. In many cases, it causes worse problems. You submit to the knife because the High Priest in the White Coat says so. Fugettaboutit. Use your head!

Back problems are NOT what Chiropractic is about. But most people still go to the chiropractor because of that, and most are successful. None end up with the kind of catastrophes that happen in the operating room. (Wanna compare malpractice rates?)

Going to a chiropractor if you have back pain should be obvious to all but the most medically-bigoted. You're getting vertebral subluxation corrected. That is CAUSE. The adjustment corrects cause. This is all so simple. Want somebody's bad back story? Obvious!

I know, there are all of those medical diagnoses/scare tactics, that people tend to adopt, as if they are the condition, and that only their doctor can handle it. Disk problems? So, chiropractors handle these all the time. And in my particular technique, I have the ability to adjust spinal disks, kinda like "surgery to go." "Spinal stenosis?" That is not something that you're born with, some deformity, which they lead you to believe. It is, for the most part, the inside-the-spinal-canal part of Subluxation Degeneration, which is your body's response to DECADES of Vertebral Subluxation. Why not correct the subluxation? Arthrtis? Degenerative Joint Disease? Again, the product of decades of subluxation.

You can get drugged for life, chopped on, or both. Or, you can get to the CAUSE... Vertebral Subluxation Complex. Besides dealing with the cause of pain, you can expect side effects of overall better health and vitality. Up to you.

Send this to everyone you know who is still bent over, doing the ridiculous orthopedic dance.

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

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