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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Marin's Drug Culture and the Death of Amy Winehouse

One one drug-crazed celebrity dies. This is news because she was a celebrity. People die from drugs every day, except they are regular people. Long-term usage, and short-term mistakes in the hospital.

Marin has a history of the drug culture of the 60's. The journey from recreational, illegal drug use to therapeutic, prescribed drug use is not difficult. Both are based upon a faith in chemicals to get you somewhere. The "somewhere" could be "high" or it could be the diminution or control of a symptom. Drugs are relied upon to do things, and they do. You could see them as magic potions. Either path, recreational or therapeutic, is, in reality, the same path. Besides, a great number of therapeutic drugs are "mind-altering."

There are different speeds to self-destruction. One is rather quick death, or death at an early age, from excess, the speed of Amy. It is odd to note that one of her current hit songs is about "rehab." Well that didn't work. What else is new? Most rehab is an elaborate and grossly expensive charade, substituting legal drugs for illegal drugs. Does the body really know the difference? So, what's the difference? The only rehab program that I ever heard of that actually worked is called "Exodus," in Miami. It is run by Dr. Jay Holder, a chiropractor. Instead of substituting drugs for drugs, he ADJUSTS THEM. Amazing results.

Then there is slow speed drug death. Refer to my last blogpost, about statin drugs, slowly destroying muscles, liver, kidneys, pancreas and even what they are supposed to protect... the heart. There's serial vaccination, bringing about slow destruction of the immune system. Diabetes drugs, that destroy the heart. The drugs for auto-immune diseases frpm psoriasis to lupus to MS, that end up causing cancer.Drugs like Ritalin given to kids with ADHD damage the heart, and do who-knows-what to the developing brain. So many other examples..

Then, there are the psychotropic drugs that slowly destroy the mind. This is especially true when anti-depressants are given to kids as young as two! Frying their poor little brains, they are put on anti-psychotics at five year old. Death of little minds and souls... a tragedy!

This information is out there. Yes, we live in a drug culture, probably worse in Marin than most other places. Yes, you do get to go places with drugs... sometimes all the way to the Marble Orchard.

NOTE TO THOSE WHO ARE NOW WONDERING "WHAT ELSE CAN I DO? I HAVE RECALCITRANT FULMINATING SCUNGELOSIS":What else can you do? You can get in here, get adjusted, and allow your body to heal. There's a good chance that you will "need" less drugs, perhaps none in time. Over the years, I have seen Practice Members throw away drugs for gout, anti-depressants, thyroid hormones, heart medications, diabetes drugs, beta-blockers, pain medications, etc. Remove interference, and all is possible.

Don Harte, D.C.
Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

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