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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More thoughts from Practice Members...

I've been Dr Donald Harte's patient since April 2010. To me and especially to my Mom who's been through decades of chronic pains, he's been a miracle doctor!!! I've never felt as physically healthy until I started getting my chiropractic adjustments w him, dealing w the "CAUSE" of subluxation. He IS VERY DIFFERENT from other chiropractors I've experienced from car accidents. At one point in my life, for how many years, I was always in some kind of discomfort to the point where I had to change the way I dealt w daily life. I've had chronic strains from personal injuries, workers' comp (repetitive syndrome-tendonitis), and from car accidents. Through various treatments, seeing various doctors my tendonitis on both arms, my upper back, shoulders, neck, and left leg flare ups - the aches and pain subsided. But still I'd get flare ups from time to time, depending on what triggered it. I'd also experience migraines and tension headaches. Basically, I was told and felt like I had to LIVE w the aches and pains, take pain meds and muscle relaxants, and etc. Finally, I went back to the gym, 2 years later, I became a certified fitness trainer thinking maybe I can fix myself, since I've seen and tried everything. Then I met Dr Harte at my gym promoting his subluxation. I went in for full scan and examination, got the report quickly, which the report itself tells a big story - worth getting. I admit, I was a little skeptical, cause his treatment and examples of body scans is nothing like I've seen before, but for sure I wanted to check him out, because you never know. I'm so glad that I took the chance, because now I feel so much better physically and mentally than I've ever felt before meeting him. The first month I already felt the good changes happening. Within about 2-3 months I can feel the big difference, that by August I decided to bring my Mom in. My Mom needed some serious help w her chronic back problems, degenerative discs, constant migraines and tension headaches no one can do anything about except cortisone injections, other treatments, and again various meds, which cause other issues for her. Some of my gym clients has now been seeing Dr Harte as well and feeling like "thank God there is hope to feeling normal again". I urge anyone who thinks they have to live w all the aches and pains of any kind to give Dr Harte a chance. Like I tell everyone, I'd get rid of all my doctors, but cannot imagine getting rid of Dr Harte out of my health!!! Thanks for reading.
                                                                        - Jules Fulgentes, Novato

 How LONG have you been sick and suffering? How long have you been subluxated... your brain and your body out of proper coordination/communication?

If you are a Practice Member, share this blogpost with someone who needs to read it. Then, ask them if it's OK if I call them. LET'S HELP SOME PEOPLE! LET'S SAVE SOME LIVES! 

Don Harte, D.C.
Marin Straight Chiropractor
Liberator of Innate

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