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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Marin Chiropractic Practice Members

While most think that Chiropractic is about bad backs, here's some comments from happy practice members (not "patients"):

“I am experiencing more of the ‘Juice of Life.’ I feel a large increase in my knowledge/awareness of what subluxation is and how if affects the body.” I know that my body/mind is benefiting more than I may know.”  - Katie Reid, San Francisco

“More mobility, less tightness, better sense of posture, better digestion/elimination, mcu less allergies.”  - Mark Favell, San Francisco

"Some six years ago while engaged in my morning five mile walk, I began to suffer an intense pain on the top of my right foot. Not finding any understanding from my physician, I approached Dr. Harte on a referral. After doing anatomical research, he discerned the source of my malady, and after  several months of adjustment, it disappeared--permanently! During the course of treatment, Dr. Harte educated me in the technique of stright chiropractic, which he practices, and its origins in the  discovery of chiropractic. I signed up for the wellness program and have been with him--and illness and injury free---ever since. I could not recommend a health-care professional more highly."    - Clay Jackson, Mill Valley

“I first went to see Dr. Harte in fall of 2008, at the urging of a friend, and have gone about once a week since. Having spent 4 decades hunched over a computer by day and sometimes night, plus lots of commuting, my shoulders and back need un-kinking so that I can stand & sit straight when I remember to do so.  Anyway, many benefits have resulted, so let's give him credit.  Fewer backaches & neck problems.  Socially, I am more relaxed and less irritable.  My inner systems are happy, including the immune system.  Haven't had a cold or flu in the 2.5 yrs in spite of working/commuting in a crowded city, surrounded by coughers & sneezers.  Used to get 1 or 2 bad colds a year.  That in itself pays for my adjustments.
His office (the "adjustatorium") is a fun & happy place.  He has a great sense of humor.  You don't feel like a patient.  He's open till 7 (sometimes 7:15) M-TH eves, in a handy location.  It takes 5 minutes.  And I always grab a couple of chocolates on the way out.”    
- Mary Gilbert, Mill Valley
I went to see Dr. Harte for a few reasons, the usual ones you think of for chiropractors like neck pain, but then also for fatigue, brain fog and digestion issues. That's the thing that everyone needs to know about chiropractors is that they can help you with anything, not just sore muscles.
It has been 5 weeks now and I can say that I have improved about 90%. I have more energy, I can think more clearly and I just feel good. I just noticed last night that I don't have any soreness  anywhere in my body, that was awesome. Dr. Harte is very passionate about health and helping your body to become the best it can be. He is a good partner to have in restoring your health, maintaining your health for life  and to navigate health issues. I would definitely recommend him for any health issue or "dis-ease". Oh and I also take my 19 month old to see him as well and that has been a great experience as well. 
- Sondra Cleghorn, Larkspur

“Dr. Harte is amazing and he shows that through his compassion and his care. I originally saw Dr. Harte for back pain but he opened my eyes to the real world or chiropractic care. Since I began seeing Dr. Harte, my clinically diagnosed depression is gone along with my chronic headaches! I can only imagine what else is better too since my original x-rays were a mess!!!! It's so nice to be able to manage ailments the old fashion way... by letting the brain, your innate intelligence, deal with it!!! Dr. Harte helps your brain take the dis out of your ease!”  Ashley Reyna, Novato

“Have not had a ‘bad back’ since coming here, slowly the IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is improving, range of motion has improved, general health is excellent.”  - Carol Russell, Petaluma

“I sleep like a baby now, without medication, since coming to Dr. Harte.”  - Neal Sorensen, Novato

“I have no use for my high blood pressure pills anymore, since seeing Dr. Harte. I now take only cholesterol and thyroid pills. I will not refill those prescriptions. I sleep well now.”  - Neil Sorensen, Novato

“I have more vitality. I’ve ceased meds for osteoporosis (Fosamax), and cut down on Synthroid (thyroid).  – Heather Andrew, Novato

“I get much better sleep. I get over illnesses much faster, and I don’t get sick as much. I do notice a better memory. Overall, much improved sense of well-being.” – Emily Judd, Mill Valley

Go... now... to the site, or better, just call me at (415)460-6527.

Don Harte, D.C.
Corte Madera Straight Chiropractor

Want more to get a better idea of experiences here? Time to find out how this works, how the practice works, and what I can do for you to change your life for the better!

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